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  • Noel Davison

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 2nd July 2018

    It is with great sadness that Cygnet RC reports the death of Noel Davison, who died peacefully at home on 1st July following a long battle with cancer. He was 65.

    Noel joined Cygnet in the early 1970s, having recently moved to London as an Inland Revenue recruit. Having gone through the motions of winning his novices, Noel's first real encounter with competitive rowing came in 1977-78, when he signed up as a dedicated member of the crew coached by George Plumtree. However, for many of that generation, Noel will be best remembered as 'Squad Coordinator', a role that he stepped up to in 1984, subsequently laying the foundations for some of the most successful years in Cygnet's history afloat.

    In later years, Noel was often to be seen rowing in veteran crews at Cygnet and Tideway Scullers. He also retained official roles as Honorary Secretary, Fours Head and Honorary Examiner at Cygnet. Indeed, for many members their last memory of Noel will have been of him sagely presenting his report at the February AGM. For others, a happier memory of Noel will have been of him sitting in the Cygnet bar reflecting on a lifetime afloat on the occasion of the 40th reunion of the Plumtree Vlll in March 2017.
    He will be greatly missed.

    Our thoughts are with his wife Eleanor and his son and daughter Paul and Julia at this very distressing time. 

    Noel's funeral will be held at 4pm on Thursday 12th July at Mortlake Crematorium (adjacent to Chiswick Bridge), followed by a reception at the Wetlands Centre in Barnes (near the Red Lion)


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  • Work at the Bungalow

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 29th June 2018

    Between now and 7th July is a working period for general maintenance at the bungalow

    Any member and friend/s may visit, staying overnight if you wish, for free, providing you help with some work! Jobs include: cutting the hedge; cleaning the landing stage; trimming the bank; cleaning windows; brushing cobwebs off woodwork; cleaning out the BBQ, bagging the waste and leaves and taking to tip;  tidying the garden; cutting back overhanging trees at the gate; tidying the verandah; etc

    The following dates are also available to book

    • 5pm Sun 29th July to 5pm Thurs 2nd Aug 4 nights @ 72 p.n. = 288
    • 5pm Sun 5th Aug to 2pm Sun 12th Aug Complete week =360
    • 7pm Tues 14th Aug to 2pm Sun 19th Aug 4 nights @ 72 p.n. = 288
    • 5pm Sun 9th Sept to 2pm Fri 14th Sept 4 nights @ 54 p.n. = 216 (prior to Scamp)
    • 5pm Sun 16th Sept to 2pm Weds 19th Sept 3 nts @ 54 p.n. = 162 (after Scamp)
    • from Oct 1st onwards @ 270 p.w.

    Phone or text Derek Bush, Hon. Bung. Secretary on 07880 548804 or via the contact form

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  • Glory, Glory

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 11th June 2018

    Not content with messing about in fine boats, tub boats or Rhine boats, our LTR guru, sometime coxswain and vice-president Alan Cox has upped the game by having a go in a 'proper' sized rowing boat. Why they put the short bloke at stroke is anybody's guess!


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  • Bedtime reading

    Bedtime reading

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 31st May 2018

    Not to be outdone by Paul Rawkins' excellent "History of Cygnet RC", former captain Nick Bates has been hard at it editing "More Power the story of Jurgen Grobler".
    The book is written by Hugh Matheson & Christopher Dodd and is published on 5th July.

    It will be available from Amazon (inevitably) and Waterstones but we recommend keeping it in the rowing family and pre-ordering it from our friends at Rock-the-Boat. (and you can buy the Cygnet History there while you're at it)

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  • Henley Friday

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 29th May 2018

    Mrs Pat Sly, welcomes all Cygnet and BBLRC members and Friends to join her at Old Blades on Friday of Henley Royal Regatta, which falls on 6th July this year. Further details can be found here

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  • Dare we mention GDPR?

    Dare we mention GDPR?

    Author: Neil Pickford | Date: 22nd May 2018

    Well we have to I'm afraid. You should, by now, have received yet another GDPR email, this time from the Secretary, regarding your personal data and how it's used at Cygnet. Please do make the effort to reply.

    And in case you feel the need to double-check, it can all be found in the little Privacy link at the bottom left of this page.

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