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Current Safety Notices

Barrier Closures
7th September 2017

Turning at Putney
22nd August 2017

Lighting-up time
22nd August 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U9 of 2018
Cross Deep to Woolwich Reach (Upper) - Traditional Rowing Events in London 2018

U8 of 2018
Brentford Reach - Kew Road Bridge - Deconstruction Works & Reopening No.1 Arch

U18 of 2017
Richmond Lock, Weir & Footbridge - Exclusion Zone

Rowing Calendar

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  • Hammersmith Regatta

    28th April 2018

    Hammersmith Regatta 1500m, TidewayNovice 1x CrisQF, Race 3, 08.07 vs Fulham Reach, ebb tide SF, Race 20, 09.08 vs Fulham Reach, ebb tide F, Race 48, 11.51 vs Fulham Reach / Furnival / AK / Vesta, flood tideNovice 4+ Eric, Tom, Henrik, Rupert, Gigi (cox)SF, Race 13, 08.43 vs Furnivall, ebb tide (Surrey)F, Race 39, 11.18 vs Parrs or AK, flood tide (Surrey)Quadsquad 4x Cris, Bjarne, Vasil, AlexSF, Race 54, 12.13 vs Vesta, flood tideF, Race 74, 13.26 vs Claires Court / Fulham Reach, flood tideEbb tide: Chiswick Pier to AK, Flood tide: Milepost to AKFull DrawBBL have 2 novice fours on at 12.31 and 12.35, with a final at 13.30, so give them a cheer if you are around then....

  • Chiswick Regatta

    5th May 2018

    Chiswick Regatta 1000m, Tideway...

  • Wallingford Regatta

    6th May 2018

    Wallingford Regatta 2000m Multilane, Dorney Lake...

  • Borne Regatta

    12th May 2018

    Borne Regatta 1000m, Tideway...

  • Putney Town Regatta

    19th May 2018

    Putney Town Regatta 1200m, Tideway...

  • Twickenham Regatta

    26th May 2018

    Twickenham Regatta 1250m, Upper Tideway...

  • Autumn Sculling Camp 18

    15th - 16th September 2018

    10:00 - 18:00

    Autumn Sculling Camp Provisional Dates - tbc...

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