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Established 1890 | Affiliated to British Rowing and CSSC


Current Safety Notices

Barrier Closures
7th September 2017

Turning at Putney
22nd August 2017

Lighting-up time
22nd August 2017

PLA Notices to Mariners - Upper River Notices

U14 of 2018
Sheengulls Reach - Isleworth AIT Deconstruction and Installation Works

U13 of 2018
Horse Reach (Lower) - Richmond Rail Bridge - Arch Closures

U12 of 2018
Richmond Lock & Weir Draw Off 2018

The Captaincy

The captaincy is responsible for the day–to–day running of the club and it's activities including racing, training, coaching and equipment. There are three members in the Cygnet Captaincy which is elected
at the Ordinary General Meeting in July. 

The current Captaincy is comprised of the following splendid chaps:  

Matthew Byrne

Deputy Captain
Sam Sears

Vice Captain
Charlie Pretzlik

Click on the link to contact the captaincy

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Previous Captains of Cygnet RC

20162017J. Pugh
20142015D. French
2013N.R. Bates
20112012S.A. Gibbons
2010R.A. Henderson
2009P. Humphries
2008R.I. Keyser
20062007N.V. Pickford
20042005M.P. Collier
2003S.M. Keating
19992001A. Cox
1998A.S.K. Forsyth
19961997M.W. Davies
19941995C.F. Shea
1993J.G. Harris
19911992P.T. O'Connor
19891990R.P. du Parcq
1988N.J. Wylie
1987T.R. Skinner & D.T. Wynne
19831986P.L. Rawkins
1982R.J.W. Beer & D.T. Wynne
19801981M.A. Arnold–Gilliat
1979J.B. Simkins
A. Azzaro
1977R.P. du Parcq
1976R.J.W. Beer
19741975N.R. Cowling
19701973M.A. Arnold–Gilliat
19681969C.R. Dominy
1967E.T.J Lee
1966L.T. Huggett
1965D.B. Carlisle
19631964M. Hughes
1962V.H. Reeves
1961W.F. Peer
1960F.L. Caughlin
19581959R.N. Gurteen
1957V.H. Reeves
1956G.B. Doyle
19521955V.H. Reeves
19461951G.P. Jefferies
19411945No election - World War II
19351940G.P. Jefferies
19331934J.F.W. Harris
1932J. T. Murray
19291931H.W.T. Sheppard
1928J.F.W. Harris
1927J.M. Adams
19241926J.F.W. Harris
19211923D. Gallagher
19191920A.G. Burgess
19171918No election - World War I
19121916A.G. Burgess
19061911W.J. Wheldal
19041905G. Easley
19021903W.J. Wheldal
18991901T.S. Cleveland
18971898T.W. Kidds
18921896R. Prior
18901891J.W. Miller

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