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August COVID-19 update

15th August 2020

As of 15th August we are able to move to Phase E of British Rowing's "Return to Rowing" policy.

This means  that as well as single sculls, mixed household crews are also permitted in II seat and IV seat boats, both coxed and coxless. VIIIs are still not permitted and neither are on-water competitions. This is not a return to normality so all outings and use of the boathouse are still subject to strict conditions. Full documentation will be available soon but below is a brief synopsis.

  • A maximum of 3 boats to be trestled on the boatshop hard at any one time.
  • A maximum of 6 people to be in the boatshop or on the boatshop hard at any one time.
  • In addition to the 3 boats on the boatshop hard, you may sensibly trestle boats in front of the steps / by EMA / on the beach if there is room and they are not an obstruction.
  • In total, no groups larger than 12 individuals to be boating or landing at any one time (mainly applicable for coached outings).
  • The wearing of face coverings is recommended while boat handling on land.
  • We have a new post outing log form at: bit.ly/postout - please make sure you fill this out after every outing. You are still responsible for filling this out for your boat if you are participating in a coached outing. In crew boats, it will be the steersperson's responsibility to fill this in for their crew. Ideally, fill this out on your mobile while still at the club and fresh in your mind.
  • Please give your accurate boating and landing times, not just your rough slot times.
  • Changes to the booking sheet accessible here 

From the TRRC:

As rowing begins to return to the waters again we are aware that there have been, and will be instances of coronavirus at clubs in the Thames area. We would like to create some further guidance and recommendations for all clubs based on learnings from clubs that have had positive cases.

If your club does experience a positive case we would ask that you share with us any information that would help other clubs in their own responses to positive outbreaks. Obviously this will be treated in confidence and anonolysed fur the purpose of organisational learning. As we start to look towards competition returning this will also help us to make informed representations about dealign with infection in that context.

We have come up with some questions that might help:

  • What happened? (Isolated case or group infection)
  • Did the infection spread to other members ad between members?
  • How many were affected
  • How fast did they find out
  • What could have gone better
  • What worked well
  • What was the impact
  • Do you plan to change any of your processes as a result

If you have other comments that would help other clubs please do add them. All responses will be treated anonymously and club names will be removed from any guidance that is produced. Contact chairman [at] thames - rrc [dot] org

Also a reminder that no vessels may navigate under Hammersmith Bridge until further notice. All the details regarding this situation are here