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Barnes Bridge Arch Closures

16th June 2024

Please take note of a series of work that is due to take place to repair Barnes Bridge, resulting in arch closures and changes to navigation at certain times.
The schedule of works is set out in detail in the attached document, please check it carefully if preparing to go afloat during the next 7 weeks.
Many of the works are due to take place overnight, however if at any time the Middlesex or Middle arch show the inverted red disc triangle, the rules of navigation will change and crews must not use the relevant arch. Where this applies, there is additional information in the attached diagram.

The best advice is, if either the middle arch or Middlesex are is closed, do not proceed above Barnes Bridge and instead head towards Hammersmith and Putney. 

Whilst it is possible to navigate via the middle arch on the EBB only, if Middlesex is closed, this is not recommended due to the extremely restricted visibility when pushing off from the club, the set of the stream and the tendency of traffic in the fairway to follow the stream close to the Middlesex buttress unsighted. As such the strong recommendation is on either the flood or the ebb, do not proceed if either arch is closed.

Works start on the repair of Barnes Bridge from Sunday June 16th for around 7 weeks with some closures to Arch 1 (Middlesex). 

During these times the following will apply:

  • On the Ebb Tide follow the principles of Col Regs to traverse using the starboard side of the centre arch - all vessels coming downstream keep well to starboard.
  • On the Flood tide turn and return to where you came from without passing under the bridge. Under Col Regs you would be on a collision course with oncoming traffic either outbound or return.

The schedule of works is in the NTM U17-24