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Len Huggett's funeral

13th July 2017

     Len Huggett's funeral was held on Thursday 13th July at Enfield Crematorium off the Great Cambridge Road. As Messrs du Parcq, Beckett and Rawkins P set off from south west London, a journey entailing two bus rides (32 stops in all) and a tube journey of 19 stops, there was a sense that Len had saved the best for last in true contrarian fashion.

     The service was attended by about 25 people including three of Len's last surviving relatives and a respectable number of Cygnet and BBLRC members, among them his longstanding buddies John Ellis, Peter Bailey, Colin Dominy, the Mc Veighs and the Slys. Prudence Sly and Paul Rawkins presented the eulogies, Pru recalling many of the eccentricities that made Len the character he was and Paul embellishing some of the finer points of his rowing career. The minister reflected on how much of a 'Doubting Thomas' (Len's middle name) Len had really been, but none doubted his qualifications for the Last of the Summer Wine set.

     A very sociable gathering was held afterwards at the Pied Bull in Enfield, a hostelry that Len had been known to frequent in his youth. A Timothy Tailor house, the Chairman and his cronies had high hopes of a glass or two of Landlord, but sadly it was not to be - the barrel was off!

Paul Rawkins

Len Funeral