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18th August 2014

To mark the first day of blog posting, the Cygnet Blogster went to the Great British Beer Festival to celebrate. A great time was had but it got the Blogster thinking about the prominant role that real ale has within the rowing community.

In our case, we row a mere stones through away from London's biggest ale brewery. The brewery company in question playing a prominent role sponsoring the Fours Head. Naturally, being a Londoner, the Blogster gets nose bleeds travelling beyond the M25, but it is understood there are other examples across the country of rowing clubs and their local tipple going hand in hand. Feel free to post some of your favourite examples.

Of course, a pre-requisite of any club bar is to have a healthy stock of ale (if not on tap then in bottled form). On that basis, it's perhaps reassuring to know the Cygnet bar has one of the broadest selection of bottled ales on the Tideway. Rowing and beer quality go hand in hand.