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Subbing in

12th January 2015


It's that time of year again; all the festive food has been guzzled, the decorations taken down and now the Cygnet treasurer will soon be on your case to collect this year's subscription

Being of the Old Skool, he much prefers a nice big fat cheque for the full amount to be submitted in the appropriate pigeon hole but I'm sure that if you ask nicely, he'll take it in a couple of smaller payments to help ease the (post Christmas) financial load. He even accepts payment by that new-fangled electronic transfer thingy these days - just be sure to reference it properly AND send him an email to explain that is what you've done, and when. And why. 

Ours are still the lowest subs on the Tideway (I think) so you really mustn't grumble and rowing is so much cheaper and so much more fun than joining a poncy gym. Bet you don't get leaves and rust and spiders webs on a Virgin Active leg press...