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COVID-19 advice, update 13th May

13th May 2020

COVID-19 advice, update 13th May


Dear club members, 

Both club committees and the Boathouse Executive have met in the last 24 hours, to thrash-out how we can facilitate people going sculling within the parameters of social distancing and keeping everyone safe and healthy. 

Just when we were ready, things changed again (see below, 21.00), with British Rowing expanding on what they would allow, both in type of boats going out (private and club boats), and very limited access to the boathouse.

So, we are going to add the new rules to our guidance notes, and issue those as soon as we can. We hope to have this all done before the weekend. 

We realise that everyone is really keen to go out on the water, and we are very pleased that it looks like more people will be able to go out, which is a good thing. However, we still have to outline the guidelines on how to do this safely, while keeping 2m distance, exercise with only one other person not from your household, and so on. 

Please bear with us, we are all doing our best to get you out on the water... 

Stay healthy - stay safe - and be kind!! 

Cara, Chris and Marjorie 
for BBLRC, Cygnet and CSBE


Given further clarification of the UK Government's advice, we advise that Affiliated Clubs may, if they wish/are able to, allow members to use club/shared boats (in addition to private boats) from their facilities subject to:
  • having a club plan in place to support safe access to and use of equipment (e.g. boats/blades). This must follow all relevant Government guidance including hygiene and social distancing; and,
  • continuing to follow all relevant UK Government and/or waterway authority restrictions.

British Rowing is pleased that restrictions are starting to be lifted to allow people back on the water but we believe all rowers and clubs must act in both the spirit and to the letter of the Government guidance to protect the health of the rowing community, other rivers users and the wider public.

It's important to remember that this is not at all a return to normal operations or club activities - only the absolute minimum necessary areas of clubs should be opened and only to facilitate access to boats and equipment. At this stage, we advise that gyms, bars and other facilities remain closed with no organised club activities or gatherings. Clubs will need to put in place plans to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus through the use of any areas of the club or shared equipment. Every club will have slightly different considerations, however, we have listed some suggested areas to think about on our website.

British Rowing has been working on further guidance on the wider impacts of coronavirus on clubs. This will be published as more information becomes available from the UK Government and other sources.

We appreciate that many of you will be eager to get back on the water but we would ask you to be patient with your club and provide time for them to put in place the right measures to keep you and the rest of your club safe. Please bear in mind that planning and implementing these measures for safe access to the club may take time and your club's volunteers are likely to have other priorities that they need to manage as well. Please wait for your club to let you know the specific arrangements they have in place.*

Thank you for your continued support.

British Rowing

* See above (21.30)


The PLA have now lifted their restriction regarding recreational activity on the Thames. Full details are on this NtM. Please also fully consider the following advice and guidelines from:

• Government • British Rowing • TRRC

Please also abide by all instruction from the Cygnet Captaincy, Committee and Boathouse Exec.regarding club and boathouse policies, including any temporary arrangements that are put in place to conform with the guidelines set-out above.

Currently this essentially means that only privately owned single sculls are allowed onto the river and that they must not use the boathouse or another shared facilities. Please contact the captain for details and to make arrangements. You may not like or agree with them but please follow all the instructions, protocols and advice to avoid the PLA withdrawing this decision to allow recreational access to the river.

For members who don't own their own boats, the situation is ongoing and the advice will change as things develop. Updates will be posted on here on the club website as well as via communications from the captaincy and/or secretary. Stay tuned.

Cygnet Captaincy & Committee



Please see our website news article HERE which has been produced to aid your decision making around the BR Guidance. This is not intended to supersede any guidance or legislation from our NGB or Government.

The TRRC will be challenging of British Rowing and Navigation Authorities around restrictions whilst trying to help clubs with the current position.

There is a difficult balance to be struck between facilitating getting back to the sport we all love and complying with the advice, guidance and legislation to help to continue to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The position is likely to develop day by day for some time to come.

The guidance issued by BR is not set in stone for years to come, and it will naturally develop when legislation, our understanding of the virus and circumstances change.

Kind Regards,

Luke Dillon
Chairman, TRRC