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24th July 2017

Racing Post
On Saturday, a small but intrepid band of explorers travelled up the A1 to the wilds of Cambridgeshire in search of pewter. Sadly, the team returned empty handed; erstwhile captain Jez sportingly decided to give his oppo a couple of lengths at the start before losing by the diameter of a bowball (we await publication of the photofinish) and the beardy pair are reported to have had a mid-race incident with some shrubbery.

This Saturday, it's a trip to Henley for the novice 4+ (Anna, Niall, Cris, Jez, Vasil) and Jez/Cris warming up in a Masters D 2x. BBLRC are also sending a quad and half a pair to race. Draw is at: http://www.henleytownregatta.org.uk/regatta-day/competitors

Please get the availability up to this weekend into the system by close of play on Tuesday. (Ere long, this deadline will be rolled back to close of play Sunday, so I can combine weekly updates with outing plans.) Looking further ahead, we need your availability updated ASAP on the spreadsheet as far as Oxford City on 20th August, so that coach and captaincy can plan crews for that and Peterborough Regattas. (Entries for both close next week.)

We're also trialling a new web-based availability system for August, so please have a look at http://www.fitclub.me/ to create an account and request to join Cygnet RC. All the training sessions are loaded into the Cygnet calendar and it looks like a simple system to update and change on the fly. 

This week: 

Seniors - weights 
HTV crew - outing 
Novices - erg test with Tim (from 6.30pm) 

Seniors - outings/ergs/cross-training 

Seniors - ergs 
HTV crew - outing and boat loading 
Novices - outing 7pm, coached by Alan. Crew list to follow once the availability is better populated. 

Seniors - Outings 7am, 10.30am 
Novices - Outing 9am 

Seniors - Outings 7am, 10am 
Novices - Outing 10am

Big thanks to Jez for leading the club for the last 2 years; let's keep pushing the envelope and continue on the upwards trajectory that we're on.

Author: Matt Byrne


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