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Captain's Log 25/09

27th September 2017

A lovely sunny Sunday on the river for those who made it, a nice change from a grey Saturday. Good to see so many people enjoying Saturday mornings, but we need to push through to Sundays now if we want to go fast next summer.

As I'm a day late with this, availability by Tuesday night please for weekend outing plans. And remember that if you're not at the club on time, you may find that you've missed the boat. (And if you keep missing the boat, I'm going to stop picking you when there's someone else who's more likely to turn up available instead.)

Monday - Ergs 3 x 5k UT2

Tuesday - Weights

Wednesday - Erg 5 x 1km (pairs + 30s changeover) at 5k pace

Thursday - Weights

Saturday - Outings 7am, 10am

Sunday - Outings 7am, 10am

Matt Byrne
Captain, Cygnet Rowing Club

Author: Neil Pickford


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