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Captain's Log: Issue 8

8th November 2021

Good Evening Cygnets, this is your Captain speaking,

I hope this finds you all well and still finding plenty of time to enjoy the river despite longer, darker nights and shorter days. The first Captain's Log for a while but training has been in full swing on the water and on land in the squad. 

Thank you to everyone who has been working hard and working together as a squad and as crews, for helping out and getting us on the water on time - we've really been maximizing the time and benefit on the water. It's been great to see the progress in recent weeks - let's keep that up. 

My thanks to Beth and Laurent for the coaching on the water in recent weeks and challenging ergs to keep us warm on land and to Charlie for the strength and weights programme for the powerful, painful legs! 

Thanks to Social Secretary Megan and the merry band of chefs who have been keeping us well fed at Thursday Supper Club - it's been great to have a sociable crowd each week this term so far and the food has been exceptional!

With the big fours racing events next weekend, crews will be putting the finishing touches on race plans and training over the next week, with huge anticipation for more exciting racing on the tideway - promises to be a great weekend and Cygnet will be racing two crews in each event. Provisional starting orders for both events have now been published and race numbers allocated. Best of luck to all crews - please do come down to support the racing crews and cheer on Cygnet. All offerings to the rowing and weather gods gratefully received!

Fours Head

Vets Fours Head

CYG 4X: 87

Mustafa Ozyurt

Tom Broadhurst

Chris Jageurs

Rupert Bailey

CYG 4- Masters D: 81

Iain Golder

Brad Bryant

Mike Collier

Martin Drage

CYG 4- : 184

Cristobal Cabrera

Dom Marshall

Pete Goldsworthy

Simon Suthers

CYG 4X Masters H: 163

Nick Wylie

Paul Rawkins

Rhodri Walters

Steve Reeves

With one of the biggest races in Tideway calendar, we are expecting a large number of visiting crews for both races boating from Cygnet / BBL. Please do sign up to volunteer to help with traffic / boating and follow the link below to fill out your time slot. Racing on the Tideway can't happen without hosting clubs, hosting visiting crews can't happen without volunteers-- so whether you are racing or not it will be great to have a full contingent out in force organising the day and giving a friendly Cygnet welcome to the Tideway. Any questions or problems please contact our boating gurus Henrik and Martin.
Sign-up here

My thanks too to Josh and Beth for the marshalling help and driving the Cygnet launch on race days next weekend.


  • LIGHTS: In poor light / dark mornings, please make sure you're using the correct lights and high-vis clothing.
  • WINTERY (TIDEWAY) CONDITIONS: The weather and water is getting colder and wetter, and it's a particularly risky time of year for hypothermia: make sure you are well layered up and have spare clothing after outings. Stay dry, stay warm.
  • OUTING CANCELLATIONS: On occasion the weather or river conditions may mean we can't go afloat or a land session is required: If the forecast is poor, come prepared for both but wait for the call from Coach or Captain before assuming the outing is not going ahead.
  • LAND TRAINING: Great to see the shed in good use and the approval of the new equipment means this will soon be getting a makeover. Please make sure you're signed up to sessions and if you're signed up, show up.
  • BOAT CARE & MAINTENANCE: Please make sure boats are properly washed, left in good condition and any defects or damage appropriately reported. Our fleet is precious and must be looked after properly. See the new boat logging procedures

Dates for your diary:

  • 13th November (10:45) - Fours Head
  • 14th November (12:30) - Vet Fours Head
  • 28th November (12:00) - Cygnet SGM
  • 11th December - Christmas Party
  • 6-10th April 2021 - Training Camp: (If you've not expressed an interest but would like to, contact the Captain.)
Author: Neil Pickford


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