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Chiswick Bridge Works

7th October 2014

Transport For London in con junction with the PLA are doing the final parts of restoring and cleaning Chiswick Bridge. This means that the following arches will be closed to river traffic.

Friday 10th October until Monday 20th October No. 1 (Middlesex) Arch will be closed.

Tuesday 21st October until Friday 31st October No. 3 (Surrey) Arch will be closed.

Monday 3rd November until Thursday 13th November No. 2 (Centre) Arch will be closed.

The closure of No. 1 arch will badly affect crews boating from TSS however most other clubs should not be affected and normal rowing circulation will be able to take place. I would ask that crews take especial care when rowing in the vicinity of Chiswick Bridge during the coming weeks.

A large barge has been moored on the Surrey bank at the crossing point. Will all crews be extra vigilant when crossing especially at night.

The two relevant NTM's which cover the works being carried out are U25 of 2014 and U26 of 2014

Next week I will send out another email covering the circulation pattern to be adopted at different stages of the tide when No. 3 arch is closed followed by an email to cover No. 2 arch closure.

Please make sure all members of your club are aware of the works being carried out and the special navigation procedures that we will have to adopt.


Antony Reynolds

Regional Water Safety Adviser

Thames Regional Rowing Council

Author: Safety Advisor


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