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Cygnet update 20th October

20th October 2015

Afternoon all,

Last weekend saw the graduation of the Get Fit and Row students. They had more water outings on Saturday and Sunday with the excitement of rowing on choppy water. Thanks for all those who have helped in all the sessions, on land and on the water. We now have a group very keen to carry on their rowing careers at Cygnet and we've invited them all to join the club. For the time being we will still need experienced rowers in the outings as well as coxes. The plan is to keep their outings late morning on Saturdays and Sunday to get a quieter river and make it easier for boat sitters to do their own outings first.This weekend with the Henley Lunch I think we will be short handed on Saturday but we will need helpers for Sunday. 

This week:

Tuesday Circuits I've just heard Maxi is ill so can't run circuits tonight. Suggest an extra erg and weights as a substitute. Sorry.

Thursday 7:15 Squad Erg 15 min steady state warm up. Then 5 x 1000m @ r26 with 1 minute light pressure in between. There should be some of our new recruits attending, please give them any assistance they need. Matt is cooking afterwards. 


Please update the spreadsheet and I've get crews out by Thursday. We should be out training for Vet 4s Head (see below).

Henley Lunch @ Leander - Cris has sent an email about organising taxis, please reply asap if you want to take advantage.

Sunday: I'll need a couple of boat sitters for an 11am outing for the new guys

Vet Fours Head Sunday 8th Nov: We have 7 people committed to racing. We need one more and we can race two boats (a 4- and 4x). Don't be shy, it's better to be in it than watching and it's all valuable race experience. Entries close in a couple of days so now's the time to come forward.

Scullers Head 5th December

Let me know if you plan to enter. We will get sculling pods organised to get you hardened for the race.
That's all for now
Author: Neil Pickford


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