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22nd December 2015

It was our final full weekend on the river of 2015 the highlight of which was our two evenly matched and carefully selected 8s taking place in the Plum Puds organised by Quintin. It was the first experience of racing and rating 34 strokes minutes for our superb GFAR recruits and at 4.7k it was longer than Quintin and Hammersmith Heads. We had to make a split second decision on the start line of which crew was Cygnet A and which Cygnet B. Funnily enough it was the crew that turned out to be Cygnet B that was asked by the martial to nominate. So whereas Cygnet A was racing Quintin & MAAs first VIIIs, Cygnet B was racing against closely matched crews leading to blade clashes and 3 abreast racing between the Kew Bridges.

And the results were (drum roll......)

Out of 13 crews on the start line

Cygnet B - 7th in 16:00 dead

Cygnet A 10th in 16:17

So Cygnet A crew buy drinks for Cygnet B for the whole of 2016.

And thanks for Claudia and Marj who get free drinks for ever.

This week:

There wont be any "official" outings until the new year, but if people want to organise sculling pods, use the availability sheet to say when you plan to do it so like minded people can join up. It's always better to have a buddy out on the river especially when it's quiet. Keep an eye on the the tide and weather, there is a lot of windy weather over the coming days.

Further Ahead into 2016:

If we have enough availability on Jan 2nd & 3rd we'll get an VIII on the river (once I've sorted out the spreadsheet)

5th Jan Circuits with Maxi starts again at Cavendish School.

Then it's all about Head Races in VIIIs. We should be able to get Senior, Novice and Vets VIIIs out, I'll be pestering each and everyone of you on whether your up for it and getting the crews training and on the river as soon as possible so we perform up to our potential in the races:

23rd Jan Quintin Head

20th Feb Hammersmith Head

19th March Head of the River

20th March Vets Head of the River

Finally, have a great Christmas and a rowtastic 2016, see you all soon


Plum puds 2015

Author: Neil Pickford


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