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19th April 2016

Hello one and all.

Highlight of the weekend if not the year was Sculling Camp at our fab bungalow on its sleepy backwater in Weybridge. The river levels were just low enough for us to go ahead and give a bunch of Cygnets and Barnes Bridge ladies their first strokes in a single sculling We got all our novices out in a single with the swim/don't swim ratio exactly 50:50. Those who didn't swim will have to try harder next time. And everyone had a go in a double and a change to explore more of the Thames. Shooting the rapids at the Shepperton Weir never lost its excitement however many times you did it. And a birthday party for Will on Saturday/Sunday wee small hours. Thanks to all those involved in the organisation, loading, unloading, coaching and, catering. Sunday was a beautiful day and it was all very much worth the effort.


This week

Tuesday: 40 min erg 4 x 10 mins of 4min @ 20, 3 @ 22, 2 @ 24, 1 @ 26

Thursday: Start of evening outings. 7pm at club, 7:15 on the water. The number of people we get on the water depends on the number of steersmen available. So far its Cris and myself so we should be able to get at least a 4- and 2x on the water. I'll put a message out about crews on Wednesday, in the meantime if there are any more coxes or steers available please sign up on the spreadsheet

Weekend: Saturday outings at 8am, Sunday at 8:30. I'd like to get everyone out in 4s, we do need the coxes/steers to make that happen. More work on starts and race pieces for regattas

Upcoming regattas:

Sat 30th April Chiswick Regatta

Sat 7th May Bourne @ Chiswick

Both local regattas, let's make sure we are represented. We can also do mixed racing with BBL at Bourne. Please fill in your availability.And use your diplomatic skills to persuade a suitable cox to get you down the course.

That's all for now, see you on Thursday at the club


Author: Neil Pickford


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