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Cygnet Weekly News Monday 27th July

4th August 2015

Greetings to all Cygnets from the new captaincy, At the OGM last Tuedsay, the new team of Nick Rae (Deputy), Dave French (Vice) and myself (Capn) were unanimously voted in as your new captaincy to much cheering and general euphoria of the assembled great and good of Cygnet. To reiterate what I said then which is that it is a great honour to be captain and have the chance to serve the club that has 125 years of illustrious history and a great future to look forward to. Huge thanks to Dave for all he has done as captain on and off the water and for staying on as Vice Captain to mentor me in what happens behind the scenes keeping the club working smoothly. In the next couple of weeks I will canvas the whole membership on what you want from the club and their rowing. My first priority is to grow our base of rowers, starting with getting as many people enrolled in the learn to row course starting on the 7th September jointly with Barnes Bridge Ladies. I look for your help to spread the word and help publicise the LTR and the club in general. Anyway, more of that in the coming days,

This weekend was our annual pilgrimage to St Neots. The event seems to get bigger each year and the tented village expanding along with it. For me there was the realisation that our gazebo and general camping gear is not quite state of the art as it could be next to the sound systems, disco lights, BBQs, fire pits, tents with sides on them that keep the wind and rain out. The other thing apparent is that some clubs are not following the unwritten rule that no mixed crew should have a training outings before the regatta.

So the racing: we entered 4 events over 1000m on Saturday. Mas EFG 1x (me) MasB 4+ (Ian M, Stu, Tom B, Sarah T), MasC 4+ (Anna, Sid, Big Jim, Jez, Cris) , MasB 8+ Cygnet/BBL (Stu, Ian, Tom, Cris)
The logistical challenge that was the MasC and MasB 4+ crews being in the same event, and sharing a boat and said bowman was resolved by the bowman getting bitten by an infectious horse and the MasB crew giving Leeds RC an unfeasibly long headstart. All good races, MasC 4+ enjoyed success in their semis and gave Leeds a hard race and narrow victory in the final.

Sunday was raced over 500m in the pouring rain that proved again that win or lose rowers a made of stern stuff. We raced MasB 2x (Sid and Stu), MasB 1x (Cris), IM3 4x (Dave, Raph, Tom, Laurent), Mx IM3 Mx (Dave, Stu), MasC 4+ (Sid, Jez, Jim, Alfonso, Cris). No wins but all fun and close races and excellent race experience. Well done to Cris on taking the plunge metaphorically but not literally in his first single scull race. I can see more competition for boats come scullers head, and Cris, the Tideway is a lot wider that the River Greater Ouse.
In the regatta marquee, top points go to the Broadhursts for the shapes they threw and sheer energy of their dancing. Honourable mention for Jim R for his high knees dancing, bodes well for the start of circuits.

So this week:
Tuesday: Unloading the trailer, boats back on their racks please.
And please move the Rawkins from BBL side of the boathouse to the R Lambe slot (bottom rack right side of Cygnet side) so Neil P can get at it to fix the scratches on the hull.

7:15 OTW, Sue coaching
4+ Cox Claudia, Dave, Nick Rae, Matt B, John Stockdale,
1x Cristobal
Erg tbc
Thursday: Rigging of boats for HT&V
7:15 OTW
2- Bart, Gav,
2x Charlie Cris
4+/- Dave, Jim, John S, Nick R, (cox tbc)
1x Matt, Jez
Saturday: Henley Town And Visitors Regatta
IM1 2- Gav and Bart (9:38 SF , 12:10 final)
MasB 2x Raph and Laurent (12:02 Final)
Mas B 2x Charlie, Cris (12:02 Final)
Sen 4- Dave, Nick B, Bart, Gav (17:38 Final)
Outings at club to be confirmed
available Jez, Sid, Matt, Stu
tbc available Dave, Matt, Cris, Rashid,
Upcoming events:
15/16th August: City of Oxford Regatta, usually our last regatta of the season, so please update availability saying if you are available to race. Priority is for Saturday racing over the full course.
22nd August: Club Day for blue on blue action and BBQ
7th September: Start of Learn to Row,
19/20th September: Sculling Camp, Learn to single scull/swim in in incomparable setting of the Cygnets Bungalow at Shepperton Lock
3rd October: Rhine Marathon
10th October: Pairs Head - start looking for your partner
So that's it, end of first weekly bulletin, I promise the next will be shorter. Good rowing and keep updating your availability up to date on the spreadsheet. And hope Robin's bite gets better. Jez
Author: Jeremy Pugh


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