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Cygnet Weekly Update

12th June 2017

Dear Cygnets

I'm extremely happy to report a Cygnet win at Barnes and Mortlake regatta on Saturday with Gareth, Sam, Scott, Ian and Robin winning the Nov4+ category and de-novicing in the process. Congratulations to all of them, it's been a while coming and is a fair reward for the effort they have put in on and off the water. Tim's focus on race pieces and especially starts has paid dividends and the crew looks like a bona fide racing outfit with skill and aggression to win races and regattas. For the record they beat Parrs Priory in the semi final and LVS Ascott in the final, both by more than two lengths. The celebrations went on long after the race and booted beer sales back at the club (and neurofen on Sunday). Thirsty work it is winning regattas.

A mention should be made of our other entrants who also did themselves justice. Marj Bjarne, Cris, Niall and Vasil were second out of 3 in their semi final, easily beating Eastbourne College and losing by less than a length to Ascott. This crew has improved so much over the summer as a result of the commitment they've put in and time spent on the water together and we hope they will denovice before the season in out.

And BDF made the final of IM3 1x in his first race in this category and gave the winner a close tough race and I'm confident of more pots for Dave over the summer.

Next up is Richmond Regatta on the 24th June.

So back to the day job, this week:

Tuesday: Core and weights (unsupervised) 7pm

Wednesday: Richmond Crews training outing

Thursday: Novice outing at 7pm - please complete you availability so we can fix the crew

Squad ergo at 7pm, work to be confirmed

Saturday: Main squad, focus on prep for Richmond Regatta

Meet at 7:05, 7:30 on the water

Novices meet at 9:00, 9:30 OTW

Novices please note you will be coached by Tim on Saturday. Tim has rule that if you are late then you do 100 pressups. If you are late a second time then the rest of the crew do 100 pressups, late a third time and the crew take their revenge!

Sunday Main squad, focus on prep for Richmond Regatta

Meet at 7:05, 7:30 on the water

Finally it's really a great job for the captain to report wins to the rest of the club. There was no luck involved in the crew winning, it was a result of commitment and consistency under Tim's coaching. That's the key to success, so let's carry on working hard and winning pots.

Have a good week,


Author: Neil Pickford


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