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29th March 2017


Very disappointing that Head of the River Race was cancelled on Saturday. A difficult decision for the organisers, a strong northeasterly wind against the tide meant white horses on the river which are not the conditions that you want for 350 boats battling their into the waves. Thankfully Vets Head was not affected and we were represented in two boats - a Cygnet/Benrath composite and a Cygnet/TSS composite crew and there was all of 2 seconds between the two boats over the course. Both were very much scratch crews and it was enjoyable for all those who took part. It was great to have Tichel from RG Benrath in the boat in the tradition of the close and longstanding friendship between the two clubs. And there was good race experience for Deon, Niall and Bjarne who all started rowing in our LTR courses in the last 12 months.

So the Head Racing season is over and we start preparing for the summer regattas. And with that we will be moving into small boats and it's our objective to improve boat handling, steering and navigation skills across the squad. Tim is starting a sculling ladder every Sunday to give regular racing practice and establish an informal rank order. Should be fun too.

We've had our last Tuesday circuits class until September. With lighter evenings those who are signed off to steer can get water time on our Tuesday and Thursday sessions. There will be an alternative land base training plan for those who can't get on the water, but it you improve your skills and technique be maximising water time, so that has to be a huge incentive to learn to scull and pass the navigation test. Start now by getting to grips with the Tideway Rowing Code. Charlie says he will have some availability to cox some evenings to there will be some sessions for non steersmen to get out in the evenings, but there is no substitute for learning to handle a single scull and becoming self sufficient on the river. So can I also encourage everyone to sign up to Sculling Camp on the 22/23 April to get into sculling boats in as very safe environment.

The first regattas are not far away - Hammersmith Regatta on the 22nd April, Chiswick Regatta on the 29th April. We'll need to know who wants to race at these in the near future to put together crews and plan the preparation. My thoughts are that we should focus our resources on Sculling Camp on the 22nd and make that a full training weekend for the main squad to prepare for Chiswick Regatta the following week. For the rest of the season I will put a Doodle poll out to get an early guide to who can and wants to row which regatta throughout the season.

Our next learn to row course starts on Saturday at 10am. This remains our main source of new Cygnets so I ask you all to be welcoming and encouraging to the new guys when you see them and to help out with the sessions when asked. The first sessions before Easter will be on land, after Easter they will be out on the water on Saturday and Thursday so I'll be asking for coxes and boat sitters so please don't be shy to come forward.

So this week.....

Please fill in your availability to the end of the month, including Tuesdays and Thursdays so we can plan crews and sessions

Tuesday - No Circuits!!!!!

If you are a signed off steer then you can get out on the water. Sunset is at 19:27 so you need to boat early (6:30 at latest) and be off the river before sunset.

On land training is 30 mins rate 20 ergo

Wednesday 7pm Club run 25 min fartlek

Thursday 7pm Squad ergo 30' AT ergo Rate 24 Test (as far as you can row)


This will be a small boat weekend for all four session. This covers the whole squad including novices.

Saturday and Sunday Meet at club at 7:05 OTW at 7:30

Oh and Sunday is University Boat Races day, here's the timetable:

The Cancer Research UK Women's Boat Race: 16:35

Osiris Blondie Race: 16:50

Isis Goldie Race: 17:05

The Cancer Research UK Boat Race: 17:35

So lots going on, we've worked hard over the winter, we can now look forward to more water sessions, evening outings, warm conditions, let's keep the momentum from the winter going so we can hit the regatta season at 38 SPM and go and win some pots.

Have a great week,

Jezkly Update blog post

Author: Neil Pickford


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