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Cygnet Weekly Update

14th March 2017


It was an excellent weekend on the river with lots of hard work and technical sessions which is really showing its benefit in the quality of the rowing and the balance in the boats. The two 20 min resistance rowing pieces on Sunday really showed a significant step up from a couple of weeks ago. And a word for Bjarne and especially Niall who were in the senior 8 for the long outings showing the progress they've made over the winter. Just shows what you can achieve when you put the time and effort in.

So we are less than two weeks to go to Head of the River weekend. We have two crews entered on Saturday, one at IM3 and one at Novice. We have a Masters B crew entered on Sunday.

The crew line-ups selected by Tim are for HoRR:

Cygnet I IM3

Marj (cox) Sam 8, Robin 7, Nick 6, Gav 5, Matt 4, Ian M 3, Jez 2, Cris 1

Cygnet II Nov

Charlie/Anna/Sue (cox) Ian S 8, Scott 7, Bjarne 6, Vasil 5, Tom 4, Niall 3, Eric 2, Deon 1

There may be some final tweaking on the lineup so subs need to available to step in if required.

We've put a place holder crew in for VHOR which is largely the first VIII from Saturday. We will be firming up this lineup over the next few days.

It is IMPERATIVE that both boats get out this weekend for us much time as possible. Head of the River Race is a big deal and a step up from Hammersmith Head and Quinitn Head, so can everyone do all they can to make themselves available for the weekend and be prepared to do double outings. This is what we've been training for all weekend so let's make this our priority this weekend.

So this week:

Tuesday 7:15pm Circuits with Maxi at Cavendish School
Wednesday 7pm 5k squad run
Thursday 7pm 4 x 10' Rate 24 (78% 2k wattage)

Everyone meet at 7:05 OTW at 7:30
Double outings for all, work to be confirmed.

Everyone meet at 7:05 OTW at 7:30
1st outing 16k Tech 2nd outing Water tech Speed strokes 12/7 x 20

It's the final push to HoRR so let's give it our best shot.
See you all at Circuits


Author: Neil Pickford


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