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Cygnet Weekly Update

24th January 2017


Back at base again last weekend. Suffice to say Richmond and Petersham Meadows looked beautiful with mist coming off the river and steam coming off the two Cygnet crews...

This weekend is Quintin Head starting at 12:15 rowed up river from Hammersmith to Chiswick.

The two crews are:

1st VIII (crew 58): Robin, Jez, Cris, Matt, Gav, Nick, Gareth, Bart, Marj (c)

2nd VIII (crew 55): Niall, Piers, Vasil, Tom, Sam, Bjarne, Scott, Ian S, Charlie (c)

They are both in the same Mas BC division so please come down and cheer them on, they should be passing by the club between 12:30 and 12:45.

This week:

Tuesday - 7:15 Circuits with Maxi at Cavendish School.

Wednesday - 7pm Squad run from the club - details to be confirmed

Thursday - 7pm Squad ergo - details to be confirmed

Saturday - Meet at club at 7:30 OTW by 7:50 for Pre race outings. Racing crews to boat at 11:15

Sunday Double outings meet at club at 7:30 for first outing OTW by 7:50

A bit of a captain's moan and a suggestion...

Those of use making the second outings especially on Sunday are a small band, only 5 of us on Sunday. It's frustrating for Tim and if we want to achieve our goals we need more people making the sessions and getting maximum water and training time. If people need to get away by a certain time, then can we start our outings earlier so we finish earlier let's say on the water by 7 for the first outing and second outing finished by 11. Would that enable those who currently find it hard to be able to make the second outing? Let's talk about it but anything we can do to get better turn out is worth considering.

That's it, I'll update the run and ergo plan as soon as I have it.



Author: Neil Pickford


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