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Cygnet Weekly Update - 6th April

13th April 2015

Afternoon Everybody,

A quieter week after last weekends head racing and I am sure a lot of us have been away from the club enjoying the long Easter weekend so things have probably been fairly quiet. I only know what the weather has been like in Billingham but if it has been anything like as nice down in London then if you did make it onto the river over the last few days you may well have started developing some tan lines... To summarise, not a lot to update you on but a couple of things that are worth mentioning:

Sculling Camp:

You should already know that this is next weekend. If you intend to be there but haven't filled in the doodle poll yet please do so here:

With a lot of people being out at the Bungalow it is likely to be another quiet weekend for us on the Tideway but things should get back to normal the following week.

Race Fees:

I won't name names... but in no particular order Nick Bates, Patrick Boundy, Alfonso Daniels, Noel Davison, Bart de Groot, Mike England, David French, Gareth Furby, Robin Harries, Gavin Hunter, Neil Jackson, Stavros Kyris, Ian Mountain(?!), Jeremy Pugh, Nick Rae, Paul Rawkins, Jim Reekie and Nick Wylie - you know who you are.

Between us we owe Matt £451.00 - it would be very good (especially for Matt) if we could settle this debt now, before we transition from head to regatta season. You can all see the tab on the google sheet showing who owes what. Please let myself or Matt know if you cannot see the spreadsheet or don't have the bank details - don't make us send the boys round!

Tuesday Squad Ergo:

I don't have anything official to give you so I am going to take a flyer and say you can choose - nice and simple, pick a session you have done over the last four or five weeks ideally, then whichever one you choose, do it again and make sure you beat the distance/average split you got last time round. As ever, try and do it with a few others (if you can agree on what to do).

Thursday Night Post Training Social:

These are still happening and I think Cris is looking for a volunteer cook for this week - let him know direct if you want to put you name down.

Think that is all, normal service should resume next week.


Author: Neil Pickford


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