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Cygnet Weekly Update: Mon 28th July 2014

4th August 2014


First things first, I'm pleased to say that both clubs hit St Neots Regatta hard this weekend, and a cracking time was had by all.  It's been a couple of years since we've trekked up the A1 for that particular slightly chaotic mini-festival of rowing , but it was well worth it, with over 20 oarspeople from both clubs enjoying themselves in the sun. 

Alas no pewter for Cygnet, but highlights included:

   - a brilliant and hard-fought win for the BBL IM3 8+, screamed on for every stroke by campmates on the bank;

   - Rowett's sleeping arrangements of a double airbed, sheets, duvet, pillow, under the gazebo - essentially an al fresco four-poster bed;

   - the Mixed IM3 4x winning through a round, and seeing off London RC;

   - Coach Sue & Coyle's reaction to Fleetwood Mac's The Chain in the marquee - those who saw it will never forget;

   - Disco Stu having a bit of a disco-huff when he finally realised that the disco tent didn't have a disco, and was actually more of a cover-band-tent.

Lowlights were few, limited only to:

   - your Captain's 'steering' of the Nov 2x: on approaching the notorious St Neots bend he called harder on the wrong side, with predictable results;

   - our collective chagrin when it emerged that Cygnet weren't included on the St Neots Regatta 2014 t-shirt; and

   - boating and de-boating almost completely melting down on Sunday afternoon after several hours of a race every 2 minutes (a situation that was in dire need of a Marj and a loud-hailer).

Thanks to all involved, great to see everyone sticking around to the end to cheer on crews and ensure the trailer was fully loaded.  Thanks in particular to Neil for uteage.

In other news, you may have spotted your 'new' captaincy was elected last Tuesday.  Ian and I are staying on for another year, joined by Nick Bates as Deputy Captain.  Which means that Matt Byrne has stepped down after several years as Deputy Captain.  Most of the things that run smoothly around the club, finances, race entries, sculling camp, have been down to Matt's prodigious efforts.  An absolute stalwart, whose efforts are key to the club being what it is (this gives him more time to focus on his continuing role as Cygnet treasurer - so why not take this opportinuty to check your race fees are up to date).

This week

Tues outings at 7pm, coached by Nick Rowett.  Sue's sent out crew lists.

Also on Tues can you check whether any more boats/ kit need unloading from the trailer after St Neots

Erg of the Week: 3 x 10minutes r 22/24/26/28 as 4min/3/2/1

2nd Erg: 2 x 25 min r20 within each 25 minute piece you should do 4 x 1 min bursts at rate 24/26/28/30.

3rd Erg (base fitness): 40 min Rate 20 - feet out

Thurs outings at 7pm, coached by Nick Rowett.  Sue's sent out crew lists.

Sue will also be coaching an erg session, so please let her know if you'll be coming along.

There should also be a post-session-session in the bar, Stu will no doubt let us know who's cooking

Also on Thurs, boat-loading for Henley Town & Visitors, below.

Sat & Sun, 8am outings for those not racing.  Crew lists to follow.

Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

is on Saturday, and we've got three crews racing:

- an IM3 4+, in amongst a big field.  Heat at 10:28 vs Reading and winner of Putney/ Henley. Final at 11:36

- Bart & Gav's IM1 2-, who have a straight final at 12:16 vs Twickenham and Upper Thames,

- and a Sen 4-, who have  straight final at 17:32 vs Nonesuch.

The BB Ladies are also taking an 4+ (08:44, Semi-final at 10:08, Final at 10:48), IM3 1x (09:48, Final at 11:24), IM3 8+ (14:04, Repecharge(!) at 17:10, Final at 18:52), and a Mas.BC 4x (straight final at 18:00.

So a long day with plenty to cheer on in pleasant surroundings - and don't forget there are plans to have a bit of a social back at the boathouse afterwards.

Further Ahead

Oxford City Regatta is on 16th August.  If there's sufficient interest we'll send a Nov 4+ and a Mas. 4x - please let Nick Bates know if there are other boats that want to go.  Our attendence may depend on whether the Ladies are going, as we don't currently have a ute driver available (requirements: their own fully comp car insurance, and a driving test passed before 1st Jan 1997).

And finally

I've been asked to send round the link to the CSSC regional survey -http://www.cssc.co.uk/RegionalSites/LondonSite/LondonNews/Londonregionalsurvey2014.aspx

- apparently everyone who completes the survey will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win an iPad Mini.

'Night All.


Author: cyg125


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