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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 15th July 2015

15th June 2015

Evening All,

First up, well done to all those that raced at Barnes & Mortlake Regatta on Saturday. The good news is that we won some pewter!...

...albeit only in the category where we were absolutely guaranteed to win some pewter. Yes, the Mixed 4+ Jam Roly Polies of J Mee (cox, BBLRC), Matt B, Orla (BBLRC), Karen (BBLRC), and Sid were victorious over the Knickerbocker Glories in the first round, and the Gooseberry Fools in the final, so well done to them. And to Coach Sue and Jo B for pulling those four crews together - it's proving a good laugh commandeering Tideway Regattas as informal Club Days.

Honourable mentions also go to our IM3 4+, who were 2nd out of 3 in their heat losing out only to younger students. And to Guy, who despite being 'bumped up' from Mas.C to Nov 1x, won through a round. And of course, to the BBLRC Nov 8+ who have been through a roller-coaster of emotions as they won through to the final to de-novice, then got disqualified for an undeclared sub, then appear to have been undisqualified.

The next regatta Cygnet are represented at is Marlow at Dorney Lake this Saturday. Rather less of the novelty-mixed-blue-on-blue-events, and rather more of the deadly-serious-2k-versus-overseas-crews. Bart & Gav go off in the morning in Senior 2- for the time trial, which will allocate them to their final in the afternoon. Best of luck.

And the following week is Richmond Regatta on Sat 27th - please make sure you've made your availability clear on the spreadsheet that far ahead.

This week

Tues evening - outings, crew lists to follow.

This week's erg: is the same as last week. Partly because I'm lazy, and partly because according to the spreadsheet, a grant total of two Cygnets completed the erg last week (well done to Charlie & Cris, currently Cygnet's Premier Pair). 2 x 6k no higher than r22 - focusing on technique.

Thurs evening - outings, crew lists to follow.

Thurs evening - post-outing food. Helena is cooking, so please let her know if you plan to stay.

Sat & Sun mornings - set outings, crew lists to follow.

Further Ahead

Numbers are looking a bit thin on the ground at the moment, so please make sure you've got the following firmly ensconsed in your diaries (and do note the three events in July that are Not To Be Missed):

- Sat 27th June - Richmond Regatta. We'd like to have as many crews as possible entered, with lots of doubling-up.

- Fri 3rd July - Club Day at Henley Royal Regatta. Not To Be Missed #1

- Fri 10th & Sat 11th July - Henley Masters Regatta - we currently have two Mas.C 4+s and a Mas.C 2- entered.

- Fri 17th July - House of Lords reception. Not To Be Missed #2. Make sure you go tothe website and fill in thebooking form. And do remember to tell old friends of Cygnet and BBLRC that may no longer be on the distribution lists - all are welcome.

- Sat 25th & Sun 26th July - St Neots Regatta. Not To Be Missed #3.

- Sat 1st Aug - Henley Town & Visitors Regatta

Finally - if you fancy the chance to give coastal rowing a go, some of BBLRC will likely be going back to Herne Bay Regatta on Sat 18th July. Please let me/ Claire BBLRC Captain know if you're interested.

That's all for now.


Author: David French


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