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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 20th Oct 2014

20th October 2014

Evenin' All,

A a short and painless one from me tonight.

Several of our Fours Heads crews have been out on the water, fitting in outings when they can.  With thanks to Sue and Matt B for doing turns in the cox's seats.  We also had a reasonably healthy (pun intended) turn out for circuits and ergs last week.  Keep it up.
This week

Tues - Squad Erg.  40min r20, feet out. 

If you enjoyed last week's, you'll enjoy this one 33% more.  I may be to blame, as on the water at the weekend I told Coach Sue how beneficial the last feet-out erg had been for on-the-water technique.  (It's almost as if she's planned it that way).

Thurs - Circuits. 7.00 meet at the club, or 7.15pm at the school. Greg will be back this week (many thanks to Bart for running last week's session).

Thurs - post-session-food.  Stu's emailed separately.

There may be some boats going out in the week, as we build up to Fours Head.  Obviously only in well-lit boats, steered by someone signed-off for night-time steering, and with a coaching launch alongside if at all possible.

Sat - 8am and 10am outings - crew lists to follow

Sun - 8am and 10am outings - crew lists to follow

This Saturday is the Cygnet Leander Lunch (which seems to involve being out for a large majority of the day, for one meal). Don't forget to let Stu know if you want to join-in the taxi-sharing. 

Further ahead

Fours Head  (1st Nov) and Vet Fours Head (2nd Nov).  The latter are still on the lookout for a launch driver - do let me know if you can help (or if you fancy getting 'trained-up' on launch driving).


You cannot have missed Neil's reminders about the changes to the use of the arches of Chiswick bridge.  This will affect just about everyone who goes afloat, so it's essential that you familiarise yourself with it - even if you're not a steersman.

There has been a break-in at our upstream neighbours Thames Tradesmen.  A slightly strange one, in that the intruder was well turned out, had a good look round, and even took a shower.  However, he did try and steal some launches, and broke into the men's locker room.  A reminder to challenge anyone you don't recognise - no-one minds being asked "Hi, can I help you?" if they're around for the right reasons.  We do have a few new faces around, recruited from the open morning - but they'll all know who I am and Stu is if you ask them who they're here to see.

That's all for now.


Author: David French


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