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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 22nd Sept 2014

22nd September 2014

Evenin' All,

Well done to everyone that took part in Sculling Camp at the weekend - from loading, unloading, shopping, trailering, coaching, sculling, swimming, loading, and finally unloading again - great to see the clubs making the most of our beloved bungalow.

There were also outings on the Tideway, which included some of our very newest arrivals from the current Learn-To-Row course. Thanks to Sue and Ian for coordinating, and to those more experienced oarsmen who jumped into boats (including the cox's seat) to ensure new bodies could get on the water.

With Sculling Camp out of the way, winter training is now upon us.  With only the weekend mornings to get our on-the-water training done (we'll do some evening outings nearer to the big head races), it's even more important that you update your availability.  Please do so for at least the rest of this month and October, up to the Fours Head races on the first weekend in November.  Judging by the current state of the spreadsheet, we have all of five oarsmen available to race at Fours Head, and we know more of you than that are up for it.

Also, whilst I'm on a bit of a moan, the turn-out for last week's Squad Erg wasn't completely edifying - and even fewer distances were entered on the spreadsheet.  However, for those that did, it was good to see some classic erg-techniques on show, including the Shaky-Start (stop after 10mins in a fit of pique, then restart and finish); and the Shaky-Finish (Go off a bit too hard, stop with heart palpitations with 10mins to go, recover then get back on and finish).  Naming no names. But in that context, always remember the truth that: Dead last always beats Did Not Finish, which always trumps Did Not Start.

This week

Tues - Squad Erg night.  This week it's 30mins, r20, feet out.  And post your distance on the spreadsheet.

Thurs - Circuits.  First circuits of the season.  7.00pm at the club, or 7.15 at the school (late-comers risk moderate humiliation from Greg).  We had 20+ from both clubs at its peak last season, and would be great to have that again.  Please try and make this first session in particular if you can, as Greg will be going over the format and techniques.

Thurs - post-Circuits food.  A well-established club tradition this, and organiser-Stu will be showing us how it's done on the catering front - please let him know if you're staying around for food.

Sat - morning outings.  Crew lists to follow (if you've put your availability on the spreadsheet).

Sun - morning outings.  Ditto

Also on Sunday morning both clubs are hosting an Open Morning, 10.30am.  Primarily aimed at Civil Service graduates (but anyone is welcome), we've pushed this out through government departments, and there has been a fair bit of interest.  If you're around after outings to present a welcoming face to some potential new members, please do. 

Further Ahead

Sat 4th is Pairs Head - run by BBLRC, who are still after two camera tripods for the day.  If you are able to help, let me/ Sarah P know - they're still after volunteers for the timing team too.

Sat 4th is also the Rhine Marathon - we've just had it confirmed that no fewer than six crews have been successfully entered from across the two clubs (two Cygnet boats, two BBLRC, and two mixed - with particular thanks to Marj for coordinating).  Surely there's got to be a fair few medals out of that lot?

That's all for now.


Author: David French


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