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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 9th Mar 2015

9th March 2015

Evening All,

And sad news to report. Our Cygnet President Peter Sly died peacefully this afternoon, surrounded by his family. A long time friend, supporter, and stalwart of the club - many happy memories (one of my favourite Cygnet moments is passing Old Blades in the Henley Qualifiers, hearing Peter's vocal support from the bank, and spying him under his wide-brimmed hat). A great loss, and we send our love to the Slys.

On the Tideway, we are ramping up to the last hurrahs of the Head season, with Women's Head this Saturday, and the Vets and Mens' Heads two weeks after that. The boathouse will be very busy this Saturday, as 60-odd crews boat, including three Barnes Bridge Ladies crews. A couple of important things to remember:

- the race starts at 9.30am, Chiswick Bridge to Putney.

- Barnes Bridge Ladies are racing at #40 (IM3), #69 (Mas.C), #70 (Mas.F composite), and #294 (Nov). Come down to give them a cheer.

- if you can lend a hand with any of Nick B's boating jobs, there's still time to put yourself forward and you will be put to very good use.

- there will be catering and the bar will be open.

- BBL will be using the men's changing rooms (gawd help them), so don't barge in.

That then leaves only two weeks until the Vets Head on Sat 28th, and the HORR itself on Sun 29th. Both our crews are trying to squeeze extra training outings in between now and then (so please lend a hand if you're asked to sub in).

This week

Tues - Squad Erg Night - 30min r20, feet out.

Thurs - circuits - 7.15pm at the school. Don't forget a towel and a bottle of water.

Sarah T is cooking dinner post-training - let her know if you'd like to stay.

Sat outings will either be very early, very late, or not happen at all, as the river is closed from 0830 to 1230 for the Women's race.

Sun morning outings - crew lists to follow.


- Don't forget to read, inwardly digest, and observe the safety notices that get posted from time to time. They're on email, facebook, and on the website. Currently there's one regarding Chiswick Bridge centre arch closures and the temporary circulation pattern (until Fri 13th, and then from Tues 17th to Fri 27th). There's always one crew that doesn't pay attention (and nearly smashed into BBL's shiny new boat) - don't let it be Cygnet.

- Don't forget to keep you race fees up to date. It's on the spreadsheet, so you (and the rest of us) can see if you're in the red. I should also point out that we're well into the third month of the year, so there shouldn't be any outstanding subs to pay... but there are. You know what to do.



Author: David French


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