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Deneb Captain's Log IV

14th August 2018

Morning Cygnets!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Saturday Peterborough: we had two 4+ and 4x racing. Good weather but no luck at all. Everything went a little bit like a Buster Keaton movie. The 4s gained on experience and the 4x after a great start in lane 1, leading after 250m, hit a band of swans ( what an irony ..) , lost the control and hit the bank .... Another great story to tell in the bar though, you can blame the steerer ;)....

Next Stop/Last Stop, Oxford City (hopefully with no swans in the course) where we are racing on Saturday: 8+, two 4+, and a 4x  and on Sunday a 8+, 1x, 4+, and 4x.

Outings This Week:

Tuesday: If you are available come down, there is always some training you can do.

4+ ?
Sam, Scott, Ian, Robin (Cox TBC)

Rupert, John, Tom, Barry

NIck R  

Raph, Cris

Erg of the week:
If you are not racing: 4 x 500 / 3 min rest @2k pace
If you are racing: 1x 750m rest 5 min 1x500m @ 2k pace

Will confirm this eve ... Trying to have 2 eights OTW ...

End Season Dinner 31 August , White Hart , Please Fill in the doodle 😊https://doodle.com/poll/dsxv87ex7ak39q2s , to have an idea of numbers.

And per Rupert's email Nick will be cooking this week , please let him know if you are staying for food this Thursday.

Have a nice Tuesday and a better week


PS: Please everyone update availability in FITCLUB.me don't forget to add side you prefer to row Bow/ Stroke.

Dates for your diary:

  • Weekend 18th-19th August: Oxford City Regatta
  • Friday 31st August: End Season Dinner (White Hart)
  • Sat 8th September: Club Day
  • Weekend 15th-16th September: Sculling Camp

Author: Neil Pickford


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