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Deneb Captain's Log VII

7th September 2018

Good Evening Cygnets!

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

On Friday we had our End of Season dinner. Thank you to all the attendees, I hope you all had a great night (I did) and special thanks to Rupert for organising. It was a great evening with a 300 Club draw included (Thank you Guy and congratulations to the winners); it finished as usual with some extra drinks in the club bar.

Congratulations to Henrik S. - GP Jeffries Cup for Rower of the Year and Rupert B. - Wally Wheldal Cup for sportsmanship and endeavour, for their awards.

Saturday and Sunday we had our 1st sessions of the Season coached by Chihiro Calvin. Important points to remember from the last squad meeting (we will go through this again):

  • Green Sessions have priority
  • 2 ergs scores at the end of the week to get priority in boats
  • 2nd Session on Sunday is to catch up, if you missed one of the green ones ;)
  • Deadline to update availability Thursday noon / 12.pm

If you have a question, please ask me or hold it until next coached session.

Also as mentioned in previous emails. I love beer and history....and as Paul R. (Cygnet Historian) very kindly enlightened me....

"... Cygnet being Cygnet, no sooner had they agreed to form a club than the committee produced three sets of rules, including all sorts of fines and penalties if the rules were broken:
Sixpence (two and a half pence)for failing to turn up for a practice outing
A sliding scale from three pence to one shilling (five pence) for using a boat for longer than the allotted time depending on the type of boat
Using a boat without permission - sixpence
The most serious crime all, failing to turn up for a regatta - one shilling"

Just to put these numbers in perspective, the annual subscription was 28 shillings, which would be about £1.40 "

Same will be applied this year for the active squad but adding 2 more little sins of being late and not rigging boats after race. Obviously instead of sixpence it will be £2, the price of a small beer. The amount collected will be invested in a Cygnet event (Drinks, BBQ, Pub crawls, Training camp?)

This WEEK:

Training according plan (please attached, it will be soon in FitClub.me)

Tuesday / 5k @ r26 Lets start having benchmark to work with.
Conditioning and stretching.

Thurs / 3 x 10' @20 (5k+3s) 5 min rest /

Saturday: 7.30 Latest OTW short sharp Outing since direct afterwards we are having Club day as per Carly's and Rupert's email./ availability by Thursday noon please.

Sunday 7.30 OTW Outings / availability by Thursday noon please.

Also... Pairs Head , so find your partner and let me know latest by this Thursday 6th of September if you are keen, so we can allocate boats. Please update your BR cards . In case we have more crews than boats,. Selection will apply base on training and capabilities.

LTR to starts Sunday 9th of September , Please please Spread the Word share with friends family, neighbours, spam your working colleagues.

And that is for the moment....more to come little by little...Have a nice Monday eve, sleep well and have a better week


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Author: Neil Pickford


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