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Deneb Captain's Log XIV

28th October 2018

Good Evening Cygnets!

I hope everyone had a nice Weekend and is enjoying the Autumn colours.

Saturday : Good work on the Tideway with an 8+ , 4x (first) and a 4+,4x in the second outing.
Sunday: we had a 4x and 4+ and some (2 ;) ) participants in the BBL time trial, with good results.

Thank you everyone who coxed, coached, helped with the LTR this weekend and BBL for organizing the time trial.

Launch Drivers: 4's Head (3rd November and Vets Head (4th November) organisers are looking for people to drive various umpires and marshalls around in launches. Please let me know if you can help out.

This week Training :

Circuits with Maxi : (Conditioning Training)
19:15pm Cavendish School, Edensor Road, Chiswick W4 2RG. If you go direct to the school be there at 19:10. If you go via the club, people will be leaving there no later than 19.00.
Can everyone please bring a towel and a drink to each session.

30' @ Rate 20 / approx. 5k+6s

Weights Core , warm up properly pair with someone who was there in the introduction focus on technique.

Erg 3 x 7' @ R24 3min rest approx. 5k pace
If you have done it
Erg 2. 30' @ Rate 20 / approx. 5k+6s
Conditioning and Stretching.

Outings for the Weekend Will Follow, Please update availability by WEDNESDAY Noon (12:00 PM).

Food Thursday social: Watch out Rupert's email.

Have a nice Monday eve, sleep well and have a better week.


Dates for your Diary

  • 3rd November: Four's Head / Please come along and lend a hand if your can
  • 4th November: Vets Fours Head /Update availability if you are keen to race ASAP
  • 10th November:Henley Lunch
  • 1st December: Scullers Head
  • 8th December: BBL Christmas Party (More details to follow)
Author: Neil Pickford


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