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29th January 2015

It has come to the notice of the TRRC that to many boats are going out in the morning and evening without proper lighting. As a reminder of the requirement laid out by the PLA I have attached two documents regarding the lighting required by rowing and coaching boats.

Some crews have failed to have both a bow and stern light clearly visible from 800m. Either the crew has only put one light on the boat or the battery in the light needs replacing. Remember it is not good enough just to have a lights on the boat, they also need to be bright enough. Batteries are not expensive.

Coaches have a responsibility to make sure that the crew they are coaching is correctly lit as well as their launch.

To make sure clubs are abiding with the PLA lighting requirements, I have requested that the PLA launches stop any boat that does not have the correct lights showing. I would also point out the rule that exists for all Tideway heads, namely; "Any crew or club which is involved in a verifiable navigation incident on the Tideway may be excluded from the event. This rule will be apply to incidents for the fourteen days prior to and including the day of the event."

Antony Reynolds

Rowing Safety Adviser | Thames Regional Rowing Council

Author: Neil Pickford


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