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LXXIII Deneb Captain's Log

23rd January 2020

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone is doing well.

Good training sessions last weekend despite the red flag. Good work in the Shed on Saturday and great outing on Sunday (Thanks Anna). Let's keep up the good work and bring some momentum.

This Saturday Quintin's Head (12:00) - Come down and give a hand if you can (please check Matt's email)

Thank you all who have updated your availability in https://www.fitclub.me/user/attendance , if you haven't please do, so we can plan best. (Gentle reminder cut off day for outings on the weekends it is Tuesday, keep it in mind for next week)

This week Training:

Tuesday:Good Work in the Shed !!! Thanks Beth.


Weights Core, focus on technique. Hope the most of you did ?

Thursday:Erg1 : 3x5'5'5',r20-22-24; 5' rest
Erg 2: 30min r20 splits

This Weekend Outing/Training Sessions : (Yellow Flag- Please be careful out there)

  1. Outing as usual 7.15 - 7.30 OTW
  2. No Outings since Quintin's Head ( Plenty of jobs to help out )

Outing as usual 7.15 -7.30 OTW

Have a nice day


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Author: Neil Pickford


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