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LXXXI Deneb Captain's Log

23rd July 2020

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone is doing well.

Greetings everyone and thank you to all of you who made it to the virtual OGM last week, a first in Cygnet's history, and voted for the captaincy for the next year: Sam Sears (Deputy Captain), Martin Drage (Vice Captain) and myself (Captain). Thank you very much, it is a great great Honour. Many thanks to Tom B for the fantastic hard work as Vice Captain during the last two years.

So little by little we start moving things, first coached sessions on the water. As mentioned in the previous email, Training sessions for the next weeks are now in https://www.fitclub.me/user/calendar/year Please update your availability to plan best - There are limited spaces - we will try to be as fair as possible and get the most of you on the water as we can. Main Objective at this stage is to have fun and get little by little into the rhythm.

I would also encourage everyone to do the steering test, it is a good time to do so. If you are interested, please let Charlie and myself know. You need to read the Tideway Code first.

This Week ( Technical sessions for Senior):

Boat allocation for this evening 19:00 and this Saturday 8:00 have been circulated by email.

Sunday 14:00-15:00 /15:00-6:00 Novice sculling on a tether / 16:00-17:30 Sculling confidence sessions

The Shed remains closed. Should you wish to use an erg, please read carefully the below for the required procedure (Thanks Beth):

  • Ergs are available for booking in 2 hr slots. This is to provide plenty of time for warm-up, erg, cool down and cleaning.
  • Please put your name on the erg sheet even if you turn up and use one ad hoc. This is to enable the clubs to identify anyone who may have been exposed if another club member is identified as COVID positive.
  • Each club has priority booking one evening per week (Tues: Cyg, Wed: BBL). These slots are indicated on the booking sheet.
  • Please observe current social distancing rules when taking ergs in/out of the shed.

Ergs must NOT be used in the shed

  • Ergs should be used outside on the concrete path or on the grass. Please do not obstruct access to boats on the racks or the boathouse.
  • Use mats under the front and back of the erg when on the grass.
  • Ergs should be placed minimum 2m apart either side by side or in a line (do not face each other).
  • Ergs must be cleaned by before being put back in the shed. Particular attention should be given to handle, display and resistance adjuster.
  • Return mats to the shed. Please rinse mats using the outside tap on the top hard if muddy or covered with grass.
  • If the cleaning supplies are running low please let Beth know. Don't wait until it runs out!
  • Please inform club captains and safety advisor immediately if you are required to self-isolate within 7 days of using an erg.


More will follow in due course.

Have a nice afternoon /evening.


Author: Neil Pickford


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