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Update to the update 9th June

9th June 2015

Now with race times for BMI on Saturday Full Draw  Race Timetable

Alas no oppo for Neil at Mas.C 1x (again!), nor for Bates & French at Mas.B 2-,
but that's more than made up for by:

Mixed IM2 4+:

09.38: Cream Puffs vs Gooseberry Fools

14.50: Knickerbocker Glories vs Jam Roly Polies

18.26: FINAL

Nov 4+: 

11.01 Semi-final vs Parrs and RUMS, 

13.15 FINAL.

IM3 4+: 

12.04 Semi-final vs Putney Town and Imperial Medics, 

14.14 FINAL.

Nov 1x (Guy, oh yes!): 

10.34 Heat vs Putney Town, 

15.28 Semi-final, 

16.54 FINAL

Mas.E 1x: 

11.33 FINAL vs Quintin and Medway Towns.

BBLRC have also got at least a Nov 8 and two Nov 1xs racing


Author: Neil Pickford


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