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Weekly Update

2nd July 2014

Evening All,

A rather nice weekend, which saw various training outings, a committee meeting, plus our newest single, 'Port2Port' named and beautifully sculled past by Neil P.

Also, the big news on Friday, was that Nick Bates' superstitious attachment to his old Cygnet all-in-one was finally broken. We had a solid training outing on the course in the morning, which seemed to be the last straw for the gusset. So it was in smartish newish Cygnet kit that we qualified for the Silver Goblets! Thanks to all for the support - both from the riverbank and from cyberspace. I'll spare you the stroke-by-stroke analysis of our qualifying piece - rest assured you'll get that on Friday at Old Blades.

(The other qualifying crew, from Western Ontario University, started two boats behind us, and finished one boat behind us. And we've drawn them in the first round on Thursday).

This means, incidentally, that since 2004 Cygnet have raced at Henley Royal Regatta more years than not.

This week

- Tues evening outings, as per Coach Sue's email.

- Squad Erg is 5x 6min, r28 or higher, 1min light pressure inbetween. Or 30min, r20, feet out.

- Erg for the New Novices is 2x 15mins r20 or lower.

- Thurs Bates & French 2- racing at Henley Royal Regatta (time to be confirmed on Wednesday evening)

- Thurs evening outings, as per Coach Sue's email

- Thurs evening post-session-session, I understand that Claire S-A of BBL is cooking.

- Fri Club Day at Henley Royal Regatta. You'll have seen Marj's emails on this: read and obey.

- Sat morning outings traditionally suffer somewhat after Friday's exertions...

- Sun morning outings - crew lists to follow.

- Sunday 6th is also "open house" at the Cygnets Bungalow. Anyone who wishes may visit - there will at least be a pot of tea (to detox from Friday?). A day or an afternoon by the river? Why not?

Other stuff
Entries for Kingston Regatta (12th June) need to go in this week, so let me know if you've got a crew that wants to go.

For St Neots at the end of the month (26th/27th July), the Coach and captaincy will be putting crews together based on availability + optimal boat speed + fun, from both clubs. So if you want to be involved - and believe me you do want to be involved - please update the spreadsheet now to show that you're available for St Neots regatta, and for training outings between now and then.

After that we approach the end of the regatta season, with Henley Town & Visitors on 2nd. We've already got crews up for that, so again, please put it in your diaries.

Small Ads

- If you're after a Concept II MOdel D, and/or a Turbo trainer - I've been contacted by someone converting his home gym into a nursery. £600 for both for a quick sale.

That is all


Author: Neil Pickford


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