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Winter is coming

21st August 2017

Bit of a wait between updates, so hoping you haven't been bereft of club news for too long. 

A win for the self-styled "meatwagon" at Peterborough Summer in Tier 2 4+ (somewhere around IM2/IM3 in recent coinage) wonderfully captured on film by 2nd placed Sheffield here: https://www.facebook.com/promuffy/videos/888920072730/
A good first win under the auspices of the new captaincy team, and we hope that the crew will be able to keep the winning mentality into the winter season with Pairs and Fours Heads coming up.

Unfortunately no pewterware to report from Oxford Regatta, but a good weekend of racing, drinking and camping was had by our most recent LTR graduates (and a couple of extras)

Please send any racing photos to the captain or webmaster for inclusion on the website.

Nights are now drawing in, so please strongly consider lights for evening outings, especially in cloudy weather. Summer racing is now over, so we're looking to get crews lined up and training for the small boats heads between now and Christmas, as well as developing the LTR graduates through the novice squad; a new poll for race interest will be released shortly.

We're also looking to give the seniors and development squads experience of coxing and steering, so don't be surprised to find yourself in an unfamiliar seat on the outing plans. (Don't worry too much - we won't let you out unsupervised) We're also going to re-organise the email distribution lists next week, so you may get a few emails from the google people.

We're still trialling this new web-based availability system for August and September, so please have a look at http://www.fitclub.me/club/dashboard?clubId=15 to create an account and request to join Cygnet RC. All the training sessions (up to 3 Sept) are loaded into the Cygnet calendar and it looks like a simpler system to update and change on phones than googledocs
(and outputs a lovely spreadsheet for us admins to use in coordinating outings.)

This week: 
Seniors - core & weights
Novices - erg 30' rate 20 UT1.
(keep the rate together as a group. working hard enough not to be able to chat easily.)
Seniors - outings, if we actually have anyone available. Only 3 on the sheet at the moment.
Seniors - erg 30' r20 AT
Novices - outing 7pm, coached by Alan.
Currently, availability gives us a 4+ of Kay, Eric, Ashley, Julian, coxed by Vasil. :)
Seniors - Outings 7am, 10.30 am, +rigging/setup session
Novices - Outing 9 am
Seniors - Outings 7am, 10am, +rigging/setup session
Novices - Outing 10am

Further Ahead:
Cygnet End Of Season Dinner 1 September
Club Day BBQ and Mixed Racing 2 September
Sculling Camp 9/10 September
Rheinmarathonrudern 7 October
Pairs Head 14 October
Cygnet Henley Lunch 28 October
Veterans Fours Head 11 November
Fours Head 12 November
Scullers Head 2 December
Author: Matt Byrne


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