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XCVI Deneb Captain's Log

7th May 2021

Dear Cygnets,

Hope everyone is doing well. Apologies for the silence, busy weeks returning to normality.

Good to see the action back at the club. Good work these last weeks in eights, quads , doubles and singles on the water. Strengths Sessions are very well attended. Let's keep up the good work towards the summer.

Please update your availability for the training sessions and races in fitclub - so we can plan best. Little reminder the cut off for outings - is Sunday noon for the weekdays Weds for the Weekend. Self-organised outings: As previously book your slots in the excel file.

We had a few incidents last weekend. It is very important that we learn from these so they don't repeat themselves. Please take a good look out, don't underestimate the stream, Everything you need to know is here. / Navigation & Conditions

Boats/ Equipment:
Don't forget to do the Pre and Post outings checks. This is the responsibility of everyone. If there is something wrong please report it to the captaincy.

We are planning a full bar clear out after tomorrow morning's outing. If you can pitch in and lend a hand. All help welcome. Goal is to open it on the 17th of May.

As per Rupert's email: 15th May Racing Opportunity as part of Global Mile Relay. Extra Outing 12.30. Please let Rupert know if you want to take part.

That is everything for the moment. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

Have a nice Friday and a better weekend.


Dates for your diary:

  • May 15th - Learn to row starts. Still places available so please spread the word.
  • May 15th - Global Mile Relay. Please let Rupert know if you want to take part.
  • May 29th - Twickenham Regatta (TBC)
  • June  5th  - Peterborough Sprint (TBC)
  • June 26th - Richmond Regatta
  • July   3rd  - Chiswick Regatta 
Author: Neil Pickford


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