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XCX Deneb Captain's Log

6th July 2021

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone is doing well.

Last weekend Chiswick Regatta and I cannot repeat enough how nice is to race again. We had a 4+ (Beth (cox), Matt G, Cris, Martin D, Mustafa), a double (Henrik, Rupert) and a 1x (Ross) racing good solid rows. Well done everyone and huge congratulations to Ross for winning his category and bringing home a pot. Yep yep we have a pot to report (claps claps claps & standing ovations). Well done Ross! .

Also last weekend the LTR hit the water for the first time and they really enjoyed it. Thanks all volunteers. Please don't forget that one time you were there and others were sitting the boat for you. So please, if you want to help please let Beth or myself know and we will add you to the LTR squad so you can sign up to join those outings.

As usual please update your availability for the training sessions and races in fitclub - so we can plan best. (Little reminder the cut off for outings - is Sunday noon for the weekdays Weds for the Weekend. )

Gentle reminders:

Self-Organised outings:
As previously, book your slots in the following excel file.

Light over Hammersmith Bridge - please check these two links:
https://www.cygnet-rc.org.uk/post-hammersmith_bridge_lights.html / https://server1.pla.co.uk/assets/u3of2021-barnelmsreach-hammersmithbridge-closedtonavigationexclusionzonecontrolledtransits.pdf

Don't forget: Navigation & Conditions ( always worth to check)

Boats/ Equipment: Don't forget to do the Pre and Post outings checks. This is the responsibility of everyone. If there is something wrong please report it to the captaincy and if it is fixable do it at the moment.


Richmond (Long) Row & Social
11th of July: as per Rupert's message:  If you'd like to row, please sign up via FitClub, you'll find an extra outing with the details there on the 11th. Please sign up by mid-week so we can sort out numbers, boats, crews etc. If you have questions please let Rupert know.

Tuesday 20th of July Ordinary General Meeting - 20.15  
Club Boathouse (election of the Captaincy for the forthcoming season).

And I think this is everything for the moment.

Have a nice evening


Dates for your diary:

Author: Neil Pickford


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