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XLIX Deneb's Captain's Log

9th July 2019

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone had a nice summer weekend.

Henley Friday:
Many Thanks to the Sly Family for hosting us another year at Old Blades. Thanks to Marj for coordinating the picnic and to all attendees who made it possible, bringing food and drinks. Good to see some young and not so young faces together. Also thanks to Hannah for organising the taxis. I hope everyone had a good time and were able to enjoy some racing.

In other sad news:
Ronald Hext has passed away on the 25th June, only days after his 86th birthday. Obituary -Funeral details

This Weekend is Henley Masters. We are not there but the Ladies are - Good luck to BBL!!

Our next stops are going to be St Neots, Henley Town Visitors, Peterborough and City of Oxford - Please update your availability in fitclub.me by the end of the week so we can plan the best racing combos.

The river is closed Friday (12th July) between Chiswick eyot and Fulham reach 7am to 5pm.
U16 of 2019 - Upper Notice - Barn Elms Reach - Local Traffic Control - Filming Operations

Don't forget... Failure to keep a proper lookout is the single biggest factor in collisions.

If you row to Putney in the next Month be aware about the works at Fulham FC.

Don't forget the new TIDEWAY CODE recently launched by the PLA. Steers and coxes, please take a look.

Thursday Social:
Watch out Rupert's email

Training This Week:
Erg 1: 3x10mins - r22/ 5mins rest
Erg 2: 8x500 r30-32 / 2 min rest 

Meeting 18.45- OTW 19.15 / Please if we can, try to be there 18.45. we might need to rig some boats

Meeting 18.45 - OTW 19:15

Outings this weekend:
Will follow...

Have a nice Tuesday and a better rest of the week!


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Author: Neil Pickford


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