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XLV Deneb's Captain's Log

12th June 2019

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone had nice weekend.

Great Sculling Camp in the Bungalow in Hamhaugh Island, this time with any major incident! Loads of Sculling, swimming (voluntary/involuntary), BBQ (fire under control), loads of fun,... a little windy on Saturday but dream conditions on Sunday; looking forward to September.

Thank you to all attendees and helpers, loading and unloading the trailer (you know who you are), Alan for coaching; also many thanks to Tom for driving the trailer and Anna for sorting the food. Thank you very much!

Also nice to hear that Gavin and Bart two "Old Blades" were down for paddle on Saturday after their have recently become fathers for the first time. Welcome to the Cygnet Family Mateo (Gavin) and Max (Bart).

On another thing - River is quite filthy, please take extra care, wash boats, hands, drink bottles , no open wounds in the water (normal procedure but it's always good to remember)

This Week:

Racing : Barnes & Mortlake (International) Regatta

We have a 4+ (Rupert, Eric, Tom , and Ashley) and 1x


  • 12:31 44 Op 4+ Tier 2 21 Royal Vets 22 Cygnet-Bailey
  • 13:34 58 Op 4+ Tier 2 Winner Race 43 Winner Race 44 Final
  • 13:03 51 Op 1x 135 Vesta-BENSON 136 Cygnet-PIGUET 137 TSS-AULD 62
  • 14:43 62 Op 1x Winner Race 50 Winner Race 51 Winner Race 52


Please update your availability for all Training sessions and Races in https://www.fitclub.me, so we can plan the best racing combos and which events we can enter. If you have any problem with fitclub please let me know.

I am aware with families and work it is something unavoidable, but please note that to cancel with short notice is letting down your crew mates, same applies if you have marked a yes and don't show up. Please be serious in this matter.

Ergs of the week:

Erg 1: 3x8 @24, 4 min rest, 5k pace

Erg2: 2x20'@R20, 3 min rest

Good Session Yesterday on the water in the 4

If you are early: Please do some rigging
Meeting 19.00 - OTW 19:15
Thursday Social: Rupert is cooking - please let him know if you are staying for food

Outings for this weekend will follow -

Have a nice day and a better rest of the week !


Dates for your Diary:

Author: Neil Pickford


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