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XLVI Deneb's Captain's Log

17th June 2019

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Good Races from the CYG 4+ (Anna, Tom, Eric, Rupert, Ashley) and the CYG 1x (Piguet) in Barnes Mortlake this Saturday - both crews lost against the winners of their respective events, but offered a good race. We can say that we brought luck to the opposition 😉 ... Unfortunately there are no shortcuts in this sport, we know what we need to do to improve so let's keep up the good work.

After a nice recovery session in small boats on Sunday we can look forward to Richmond Regatta

Please update your availability in https://www.fitclub.me, so we can plan the best racing combos. If you have any problems with fitclub please let me know.


New  TIDEWAY CODE: The PLA launched an updated Code last week. Steerers, Coxes, please take a look.This is a must.

House Keeping:
Boats/ Equipment: Just a gentle reminder, there are some checks to be done before and after every outing. Lists are in the changing room and in the boathouse and posted here

I understand that sometimes we come back tired from the outing but please don't forget the Post-Outings Check:

  • Wash boat inside and out including runners
  • Wash oars and replace in correct rack
  • Report any boat damage (to the captaincy) and make and reports as required.

And this week is Henley Women's Regatta - All the best of Luck to Barnes Bridge Ladies !!!

Training This Week!

Ergs: 1x8,1x7,1x6,1x5 @ 22-24-26-28 Half rest (8min work- 4min rest/ 7min work- 3.30 min rest/...)
8x500 @R30-32, 2k Splits - 2min rest

Meeting 19.00- OTW 19.15

Meeting 19.00 - OTW 19:15

Outings for the weekend will follow -
Have a nice Monday eve and a better rest of the week !


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Author: Neil Pickford


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