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  • Richmond Lock #3 Arch

    Author: Neil Pickford |

    14th January 2022

    The PLA, who are keen to make sure all rowing clubs who might go through Richmond Half-tide lock are aware of the NTM U1 of 2022.

    There has been a mechanical failure of the weir in #3 arch (the Centre arch) which will remain in the lowered position and closed to navigation. 

    Since the other two weirs will continue operate normally, there is likely to be a lot of turbulence coming off the closed weir which will make navigating through the other two arches difficult. Repairs to the weir are going to take some time to organise so while the weir is down please navigate with great care if transiting Richmond half-tide lock.

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  • Barnes Bridge Arch closure

    Author: Neil Pickford |

    23rd August 2021

    Sorry for the delay in communicating with you regarding the Barnes Bridge arch closure. I have had to wait for clarification about closure timings.

    The arch will be closed from the 24 August as per the Notice to Mariners U5of 2021

    The PLA have agreed with the navigation plans as shown in the below. Please use extreme caution when navigating through the central arch, whatever direction you are travelling in.

    Although the NTM U5 states the arch will be closed for 4 months, this is total time expected for the works to be carried out in. The PLA working with the contractors, will reopen the arch during construction whenever possible. The three phases of construction when the arch need to be closed are as follows;

    1. Construction of a coffer dam using sheet piling. Time, approximately one month. Once the coffer dam is built the plan is for the arch to reopen while work is done behind the coffer dam
    2. Installation of the bridge
    3. Removal of the coffer dam

    I will be in contact with the PLA to make sure the arch is open as much as possible and will communicate with clubs as soon as I have any further information.

    Antony Reynolds
    Rowing Safety Advisor, TTRC

    Click on image to enlarge

    Barnes Bridge Navigation


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  • Hammersmith Bridge - more details

    Author: Neil Pickford |

    30th July 2021

    With Hammersmith Bridge open, I know we have all got questions about it staying open. The PLA have answered some questions put to them:

    The "traffic light" is very difficult to see what colour is showing from the inshore zone. If the light does go red can crews phone London VTS if they don't have a radio?
    We will adjust the brightness of the light and see if that makes any difference, failing that we will ask the Council to adjust its positioning. Yes crews can call London VTS in the event of an alarm triggering a Red X.

    Can we expect the lights to change according to conditions/weather/etc.?
    The lights will predominantly remain green, the only factor that would cause a red X is the indication of multiple alarms on the bridge, which would also cause a full evacuation of pedestrians. Obviously we cannot guarantee the lights remain green but there are very few factors that would cause a red x without prior notification

    Do we have any insight into what will be the critical characteristics (temperature, etc.) that will affect the bridge/light status?
    As above - we are not privy to the alarm characteristics but the likelihood of an alarm is low enough to allow pedestrians to cross the bridge, which take longer to clear in the event of an evacuation.

    Should we expect planned/extended closures for maintenance and/or repairs? and if so is there a schedule yet?

    We are not yet aware of the maintenance plan but are working with the Council. When we become aware of dates we will notify by NTM as we do for any other works / bridge on the Thames

    Assuming the lights are going to change on a fairly regular basis will anyone maintain an online status checker so people can see status of the bridge being open/closed before travelling or an outing?
    The idea is not to have a constantly changing state of open or closed. The aim is to keep the bridge open.

    Any idea what this news does to the ferry plans?
    We are working with TFL and the Council on the next steps if at all required.

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