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For current or ongoing issues only. Notices will be removed once out of date. See Navigation and Conditions for standing information and advice. 
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  • Post-outing cleaning

    27th March 2024

    This article is about athletes taking part in the Boat Races but the message very much applies to those of use who use the Tideway every week, more so in fact. It is important that you take time to wash-down the boats, blades and yourselves after outings,  ...

  • 2024 Tide Tables

    22nd December 2023

    A pdf of 2024 tide tables (for Barnes Bridge) should you require them. The tide table in the website footer is also calibrated from Barnes Bride and updates daily ...

  • Hammersmith Bridge emergency inspection

    14th December 2023

    This message is sent to reenforce the just issued NTM http://www.pla.co.uk/assets/u30-23.pdf from the PLA. On Thursday 14th December, from about 1pm until 3pm, a barge will be positioned in the central arch of Hammersmith Bridge to enable an emergency inspection to be carried out following the...

  • Dewar Shield – 21 October

    19th October 2023

    Dear Tideway neighbours, Furnivall Sculling Club, Auriol Kensington and Sons of the Thames will be conducting the annual Dewar Shield time trials from the University Post to Hammersmith Bridge this coming Saturday, 21.10.2023 at 12 noon.  As the river will not be closed for this we...

  • Barges at Hammersmith Bridge 2

    15th October 2023

    Here are the movements for the barges this week at Hammersmith Bridge: Monday OR Tuesday will see the rig moving on the southern arch to a slightly new location. Then on Wednesday it will go up to Chiswick and down to Putney before being installed south of the bridge on the Southern side again...

  • Barges at Hammersmith Bridge

    3rd October 2023

    Here is an overview of when the major movements of barges at Hammersmith Bridge will take place this week so that you can plan your outings accordingly. Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd Oct The drilling rig is on the downstream Northern arch. A guard boat is moored upstream on the edge of the fairway,...

  • New Barnes Bridge Arch Closures

    30th November 2022

    During an inspection of the bridge some major faults were found that required immediate work. While this work is being carried out no trains are running over the bridge – it's that serious. The contractors had initially asked for arch closures over the weekend. Instead the PLA have allowed work...

  • Barges, weirs and arch closures

    30th October 2022

    TREE REMOVAL This week commencing 31.10, the tree that has fallen into the river at St Paul’s School is going to be removed. To help with the removal the PLA are beaching a flat top barge in the vicinity. Crews should keep an extra good look out going around Hammersmith bend against the tide....

  • Tree work at Barn Elms

    13th September 2022

    Contractors will be recovering a number of fallen trees in Barn Elms Reach this week. Time frames below and the position of the barge here. Monday 12th Mobilise to steps 43 - Mooring at top of tree Cut and load from 9am including attempt at removing adjacent stump from revetment....

  • Putney Pier Proposal - URGENT

    10th August 2022

    All, Please can I draw your urgent attention to this planning application for a further 74m extension in Putney. As you will be able to see from this document this will have a significant impact on rowing navigation both during normal circulation and during events. Please can I encourage you to...

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