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Cygnet Rowing Club
on the Tideway since 1890
CSSC Sports and Leisure


Why Cygnet?

Cygnet is a boutique club with a men's squad who train actively and regularly plus a wider community of self-organised scullers and crews of all ages.

We row because we enjoy it and recognise that rowing often happens around busy lives away from the river. At Cygnet we look to create a balanced space, allowing those who want to train and compete to be amongst a like-minded squad with regular outings. Or if you just want to get afloat as and when you can, there's something for everyone at Cygnet.

Many come to us to train at a slightly more relaxed intensity; aiming to develop, ambitious to compete but enjoying it whilst we do it. So whether you're just looking to get out on the water somewhere new, rejoin the sport you love or want a more balanced approach to your fitness and training, come and find us at Cygnet...


Cygnet are very happy to welcome back rowers and coxes into what you already know is a great sport, whether that's a desire to return to fitness, simply getting afloat, competitive racing or being back amongst a squad. Whatever your motivation, we're here to get you back in the boat, out on the water and rowing again.

Whether you've had a break from rowing, have relocated to London or rowed previously at university or school, we can accommodate both social rowers and more dedicated athletes.




We welcome graduates who have moved to London having rowed at university, college or school and are looking for a tideway club to row or cox with. Knowing how busy early careers are, you can enjoy the sport at Cygnet without it taking over your life.

Cygnet is an excellent place to find your feet in London and everyone is welcome. We're especially suitable for those who have joined the Civil Service or CSSC (and are within easy reach of Westminster).




Club hoppers and those seeking a new Tideway home are welcome at Cygnet. We know that sometimes you just need change of scenery, a different challenge.

Cygnet offers a more relaxed training regime than many other clubs on the tideway, but we still compete locally, regionally and nationally. Our coached training programme combines water sessions, strength and conditioning and ergs alongside personal exercise and fitness.