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Cygnet Rowing Club
on the Tideway since 1890
CSSC Sports and Leisure


Cygnet RC is the Civil Service rowing club but you don't need to be a civil servant or public sector worker to join the club. Active members are expected to join the CSSC alongside their first full annual subscription.

Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) members do pay a smaller subscription but our full subscription is still one of the most competitive on the Tideway.

Note that subscriptions do not include race fees or British Rowing Membership (required). Active members are strongly encouraged to join the Cygnet 300 Club

CSSC Member • £360

See panel for details of CSSC membership and benefits. 

If you're not a Civil Servant, you will have to join the CSSC as a Linked Member. 
Please contact the Secretary for details.

Subscription: due by the end of

 Single payment: January
£366  Annual direct debit: January
£186  Bi-annual direct debit: January, July
£93  Quarterly direct debit: January, April, July, October
£32 Monthly direct debit

Non-CSSC Member • £440

Subscription: due by the end of

£440 Single payment: January
£447 Annual direct debit: January
£227 Bi-annual direct debit: January, July
£113 Quarterly direct debit: January, April, July, October
£39 Monthly direct debit

Associate Member • £120

A full member of another rowing club who also wants to row at Cygnet. Must hold a British Rowing Racing Licence and will be expected to join the CSSC.

Subscription: due by the end of

£120 Single payment: January
£122 Annual direct debit: January
£62 Bi-annual direct debit: January, July
£42 Quarterly direct debit: January, April, July, October
£12 Monthly direct debit

Student Member • £180

Aged 23 or under and in full-time education.

Subscription: due by the end of

£180 single payment: January

Beginner/Lean to Row • £120

Complete beginners will have to first undertake a Learn to Row course. Once the course is complete, if you decide to join the club, your subscription will only be payable from the start of the following term, as applicable.

Coxswain • Free

Coxswains are not obliged to pay a subscription (but may chose to do so). However, they are instead, expected to join the Cygnet 300 Club

Cygnet 300 Club

All active members are strongly encouraged to join the Cygnet 300 Club and hold a 'few' tickets

Payment options

Subscriptions are due annually, usually by the end of January unless paying in instalments.

• Bank transfer or cheque
Contact the Treasurer for details. 

Payment can also be made by direct debit or online with a credit or debit card but these options do attract a small handling fee:

• Set-up a Direct Debit 

• Pay online by card


Cygnet Rowing Club is affiliated to the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC), members of which are eligible for a discount on their annual subscription. CSSC membership is open to Civil Servants, most public sector workers and also to friends of any CSSC member, through Linked Membership. All club members are encouraged join CSSC Sports & Leisure

Become a member for approximately £5.00/month and start enjoying all the benefits on offer:

Try something new and exciting with our taster days with huge range of local, regional and national sporting and leisure activities.

Gain free corporate membership to English Heritage for you and your family or make savings when shopping, eating out, on holidays, cars, cinema tickets and much, much more.

Enjoy reduced prices on days out, trips and on theme park tickets with subsidies also available for certain sports and sports official training

How to join

Please complete the Application Form

You will need to find current members to propose and second you but that's rarely a problem. Completed application forms will be sent to the secretary and dealt with at the next committee meeting.

You don't have to wait until the committee has approved your application to continue training and rowing but you may not race or steer for the club until you are formally a member and have paid a sub.

By applying for membership and paying a subscription to Cygnet RC, you agree to comply with the club's Code of Conduct. The committee reserves the right to eject members, without refund, who do not conduct themselves accordingly or bring the club into disrepute.