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Cygnet Rowing Club
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It is a requirement of the club rules that all members are able to swim and must undertake a Capsize Drill and Swim Test within their first season at that club.

In conjunction with BBLRC, Cygnet arrange at least one drill per year. These drills are carried out in the controlled environs of a local swimming pool, under the instruction of a qualified coach and according to the British Rowing RowSafe Guidance.

Rowers who join Cygnet from other clubs will not have to re-take the test/drill. However they must satisfactorily prove that they have done it previously elsewhere. It is recommended that all members take the test/drill a minimum of every 5 years.



You will be first shown the drill then have to demonstrate:

• capsizing a single scull,
• escaping from the boat
• using the boat as a buoyancy aid by getting on top of the upturned hull

If time allows, regular single scullers may also practice remounting their boat while afloat.


In light clothing/rowing kit, you must be able to demonstrate:

swimming at least 50 metres
• swimming at least 5 metres underwater
• treading water for at least 2 minutes

Anybody who fails to complete the swim test should wear a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) at all times while afloat. Rowing-specific PFDs are available to buy at the members own expense.