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Our constitution demands that in some cases, notices must be posted for the benefit of the members (usually for 14 days) before they are enacted by the committee at it's next management meeting, or at a general meeting if applicable. These include displaying items such as applications for membership or proposals for the new captaincy. The notices are usually posted on the changing room notice board and this page is simply a virtual copy of that. 

This is a blog page so you can comment on posts if you feel inclined but formal objections should be sent to the Secretary via email or this contact form.
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  • Invitation for research participants

    Author: Neil Pickford |

    15th October 2023

    Hi ,

    I am writing to you as I am conducting some post graduate level research as part of a psychology course at the University of Wolverhampton. It's a study entitled, 'Race against time: Understanding the relationship between adult rowers’ basic psychological needs and their age.' I am inviting any adult members of Cygnet Rowing Club to take part. I would be very grateful if you would use whichever social media group you prefer to circulate details to your members.

    As we get older, we experience many changes. The relationship between our basic psychological needs and adult athletes’ age is not well understood. This study aims to fill that gap. By taking part, you will help us to gain a better understanding of how adult rowers’ need for autonomy is currently being met and whether this changes due to age and other factors. It has the potential to inform coaches and clubs and provide them with information to develop better products for adult rowers.

    If you are willing to support the research, your members will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. The survey concludes with some basic demographic details. It should take no more than about ten minutes to complete.

    I am keen to include as wide a range of active rowers, from all areas, ages, experience and backgrounds as I can. It would be great if Cygnet Rowing Club would be part of that.

    To be eligible, participants must be 18 or over and fluent in English. They should also be active rowers or scullers (on the water on average twice or more every 28 days).

    Please follow the link here or use the attached QR code to become involved.

    I got your details from the British Rowing website. If you are not the right person to receive this email, please accept my apologies. It would be useful if you are able to forward it onto someone more appropriate.

    Please feel free to contact me by replying to this email or at D.A.Houchin@wlv.ac.uk if you have any questions, otherwise, thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best regards

    Dave Houchin MSc, FHEA, CPBP, CMgr FCMI

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  • Nominations for Club officers 2021/22

    Author: Neil Pickford |

    23rd February 2021

    The following nominations have so far been received by the secretary for club officers and committee members for the 2021/22 season.
    (updated 23.02)


    Chairman: Nick Wylie • proposed by Marjorie Israel, seconded by Neil Pickford

    Secretary: Marjorie Israël •proposed by Nick Wylie, seconded by Iain Golder

    Assistant Secretary: Neil Pickford • proposed by Cristobal Cabrera, seconded by Marjorie Israel

    Treasurer: Matt Byrne • proposed by Tom Broadhurst, seconded by Marjorie Israel

    Assistant Treasurer: vacant

    Social Secretary: Rupert Bailey • proposed by Marjorie Israel, seconded by Cristobal Cabrera

    COMMITTEE MEMBERS (5 required)

    Iain Golder • proposed by Marjorie Israel, seconded by Martin Drage

    Paul Rawkins • proposed by Rhodri Walters, seconded by Sam Gourevitch

    Andy Rawkins • proposed by Rhodri Walters, seconded by Sam Gourevitch

    Richard du Parcq • proposed by Paul Rawkins, seconded by Marjorie Israel

    Martin Drage • proposed by Marjorie Israël, seconded by Neil Pickford

    Matt Guttridge • proposed by Rupert Bailey, seconded by Cristobal Cabrera

    Please contact the secretary if you would like to add your name to the list of nominations. Club officers and committee members will be elected to the Management Committee at the AGM on Sunday 28th February (via Zoom)

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  • Application for Membership

    Author: Neil Pickford |

    28th June 2020

    Has been received from:

    Mr Ernest Pretzlik, 18, Student. Proposed by Charles Pretzlik, seconded by Cris Cabrera

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