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Tales of daring-do and mild incompetence from Rhine Marathons past. Click on the title to see the full article.

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  • To Benrath by bike

    1st October 2016

    “Wouldn’t it be a good idea to cycle from Cygnet to Benrath for next year’s marathon?” The precise genesis of this crazy idea is subject to some conjecture but most agree that it’s fairly safe to look no further than former Captain 'Medium' Mike Collier and his good friend Alt Bier. The seed, we think, was most likely sown in the less-than-fertile haze of the morning after the 2015 marathon. Mike declined to tender his crop but Ian Mountain nurtured it and after some research concluded that he could get it to flourish. It would take five days and over 300 miles but why not? Well, work, annual leave, children, partners and apathy seemed to be the main reasons why not but Neil and Ian’s dad, Derek were game, so the boathouse-to-boathouse cycle ride rolled-out on a damp September morning. The plan was to ride to Benrath staying as close to the Thames and then the Rhine as possible. Day one was always going to be hard work: to get from the boathouse across London and Essex to...

    • On the start line, Cygnet RC, Chiswick
    • Boris's cycle Superhighway
    • Essex. Mostly flat thankfully
  • Sink or Swim

    5th October 2002

    "And you thought The Tideway was bad" Neil Pickford (with a very small nod to Robert Service), October 2002 The Cygnet III crew, went out on the Rhine, In a shiny blue Benrath Boat. With a cox in the bow and a cox sat at 2, And novice at 3 and at stroke. Now your man Alan Cox, the cunning old...

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  • 2001: A Rhine Odyssey

    6th October 2001

    Mike's Rhine Marathon Experience in 2001 Day One (Friday)... ...found an elite advance party liaising at Dusseldorf HBF to check out the lie of the land. Alan (who insisted on wearing a rucksack and carrying a large unfolded street-map) lead the group towards the river studiously ignoring all...

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