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Boat racking

The primary purpose of the boat shop is for the racking of boats belonging to Barnes Bridge Ladies RC and Cygnet RC, with approximately half of the available racks for use by either club. Upkeep of the racking is the responsibility of the Boathouse Exec. and any problems should be reported to the Boathouse Captain.

Indoor racking for private singles
As is the case at most Tideway clubs, these racks are quite sought after and the Boathouse Executive's policy regarding who should get an indoor rack is fundamentally a simple one: those boats used on the most regular and frequent basis qualify for an indoor rack. 

Length of time as a member of either club does not strengthen a claim for an indoor rack if their boat is rarely used. However, in the event that two scullers with similar usage are in contention for a spare rack, then the individuals relationship with the clubs may be taken into account when determining the allocation of that rack.

Outdoor racking
The boathouse has purpose built outdoor racks and is working on improved access to the river from the garden. It is accepted that this is a less than convenient arrangement but it is considered preferable that the occasional sculler is inconvenienced once in a while rather than the regular and frequent sculler every time they go out.

Indoor racking for private double sculls would only be considered if sufficient space was made available by either club, otherwise private doubles will be stored on the outdoor racks.

Responsibility for racking decisions
The Boathouse Captain, with the support of the Executive committee, has the ultimate decision but should always consult with the club captains. The Boathouse Captain should never move private boats without prior consultation with the owner unless that privateer: refuses to make the necessary arrangements having been previously asked move their boat (by either the Boathouse or Club Captain); has failed to pay their rack rent.

Rack rents

Rack rent is an annual fee and should be paid, in advance, to the Executive Treasurer. There is an option for privateers to pay in two six month instalments, in January and July. Failure to pay rack rent will result in boats being removed from the boathouse.

All racking enquiries to the Boathouse Captain

Eights • £148
Fours • £88
Pairs • £60
Singles • £44
Floor space • £60

Private (inside) • £143
Private (outside) • £109

We do not currently have any available indoor racks for private sculling boats.