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Boathouse Security - Update

28th June 2020

Following a brace of burglaries back in February, Boathouse security has been improved. Door have been repaired, the vulnerable bar fire-door converted to a more secure thee-point lock (as per the fire-door in Ladies changing room), boathouse ground-floor door lock repaired, CCTV installed in the kitchen and above doors (utilising the newly installed WiF) and the main door repaired.

The police have arrested and charged someone with the burglaries. However security cannot be perfect. There was a further atrocious act of vandalism: On 16th June a private scull was taken off the rack outside the shed and thrown in the river. Shouting and disturbance was heard. The police recovered the boat which thankfully suffered only superficial damage. Unfortunately the CCTV above the door did not record anything and the Exec. are considering how coverage can be improved.

Thank are due to all members who helped to clear-up the mess or enabled the improvements, the CSSC and the Exec. Ctte.

As a remote and unoccupied building the boathouse is always vulnerable to such issues and members are reminded to always challenge people they don't recognise (if safe to do so) and to not display anything that may attract or encourage such people. Similarly, please do not leave valuables in your car on the meadows. Always report suspicious circumstances to the police, who has you can see, do take these things seriously.